Ganjier Spring Kickoff

February 20th: The 2nd Annual Ganjier Spring Kickoff!

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What: A growing season starter with workshops, organic solutions, music, and more!!
When: Saturday, February 20th, 2016 / 10am to 8pm
Where: Mateel Community Center
Tickets: $30 General Entry / $100 VIP includes Express entry into event, Official Ganjier Spring Kickoff 2016 T-shirt, Access to VIP Lounge Area


Join us on Saturday, February 20th, 2016 for the 2nd Annual Ganjier Spring Kickoff!

The 2nd annual Ganjier Spring Kickoff is going to jump start the outdoor season and get cultivators prepared with the seeds, tools and knowledge they’ll need in 2016 at the Mateel Community Center…

The Spring Kick Off….

Some events are just a celebration and have very little for the serious cannabis farmer. The Ganjier Spring Kickoff stands out as a focused event, bringing real products and real information to our guests. Our goal is to bring what is needed to ensure a strong and profitable harvest in 2016. And have a little fun too.

We’re bringing together seed companies, dispensaries, cultivation suppliers and the cannabis community to this all-day, Humboldt event that will educate and entertain the cannabis community of Northern California! The main hall will be where the education goes down with panels, presentations and workshops.

The event will feature the following and more:

Serious Speakers…

Planting season is always easier with some help. Finding the right advice from someone familiar with your issues is a challenge. Our speakers will help you get through this season.

Cannabis Professionals for Cannabis Farmers…

Our speaker sessions bring relevant information and the newest developments directly to you. Although our guests having a good time is a primary goal for the Ganjier crew, we prioritize education and real world solutions to the problems we cannabis farmers face. Whether it is about cultivation, genetics, marketing or regulations…our focus is to give you the information you need for 2016.

We strongly encourage all our guests to seek out and speak to our vendors, speakers and sponsors to get the answers they want from the professionals who know. As the Cannabis industry further matures this year, making sure the farming community of Northern California is well equipped and informed is our primary goal.

Great Genetics…

Starting with the right genetics for the year is a must. Get access to the people behind the seeds and the answers you need.

Valued Vendors…

We carefully curate who we allow as vendors at our event so that you can get real information from real professionals. This is our vow to you.

Learn the latest techniques and strategies…

Hear directly from the experts. Things can always be improved or made more efficient but it takes talking to the right professionals. People that understand your issues and have real world solutions. We’ve brought them here to you.

For MUCH MORE INFORMATION about this fantastic event visit:

Official Web Site: www.thespringkickoff.com
Ganjier Web Site: www.theganjier.com
Facebook Event Page: www.facebook.com/events/1703791446503471
Ganjier Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/theganjier