The Mateel Community Center


The Mateel Community Center has fostered the arts in rural Northern California for approximately forty years. Serving as the cultural hub of the Southern Humboldt community, we provide arts, educational, and social service programs, and present a myriad of multicultural musical, theatrical, dance, comedy, film, craft, and rental events- earning our non-profit organization international acclaim.

Located in the hamlet of Redway, CA, the Mateel Community Center hall is a showcase of fine woodworking, craftsmanship, and solar design that first opened in 1988. Owned and operated by the MCC, a 501-c3 non-profit organization, the Center is well utilized by the entire community and serves as a venue for both commercial and non-profit rentals, as well as in-house Mateel productions.

MCC Mission Statement:

The Mateel Community Center seeks to involve all segments of the community in the creative actualization of a cultural vision embracing diversity, vitality, justice and sustainability. Our programs and events serve changing community needs, emphasizing the performing and visual arts. 

MCC Vision Statement:

We envision the Mateel Community Center as a hub of a culturally diverse and inclusive community.

  • We facilitate and nurture the community’s capacity for creative self-expression.
  • We offer programs and facilities that serve the whole community with an emphasis on visual and performing arts.
  • We build relationships that are local, regional, and international both to enrich our own community and to share our experiences, values, and talents with others.

Board of Directors (2024):

  • Pleasure Strange – President
  • Christy Augustine – Vice President
  • Nate Miller – Treasurer
  • Julia Ralsten – Secretary
  • Babette Bach
  • John Bruno
  • Mo Vionnet
  • Shanon Taliaferro
  • Lonny Whitlow

About the Board of Directors

The Mateel Community Center is a 501 © 3 nonprofit organization. The overall mission and vision is articulated, developed, and monitored by the nine-seat Board of Directors. The Board of Directors, in turn, works with staff to implement the strategic mission, vision, and objective goals of the organization.

Board terms are three years. Nominations for the board are taken at the annual membership, meeting held in November. Nominees must have a one-year history of membership to be eligible. Executive positions for the board are: President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Additionally, the board appoints a secretary to record board minutes and handle correspondence.

The Board of Directors meets twelve times a year, on the third Wednesday of each month at 6pm. Meetings are generally held at the Mateel Community Center and Google Meet online.

Contacting The Board

To contact the board of directors please send your correspondence to: board@mateel.org This email gets forwarded to the entire board.

Monthly Meetings

The Board of Directors customarily meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6pm in the Mateel Hall unless otherwise noted below or rescheduled. Dates may be subject to change.

Contact Information:

  • Mateel is located at 59 Rusk Lane in Redway
  • Mailing address is POB 1910, Redway, CA  95560
  • Phone number is 707-923-3368

Plywood Sub Floor

For approximately 40 years, the Mateel Community Center has fostered the arts in rural Northern California. Serving as the cultural hub of the Southern Humboldt community, we provide arts, educational, and social service programs, and present a myriad of multicultural musical, theatrical, dance, comedy, film, and craft events- earning this 501-c3 non-profit organization both statewide and international acclaim.

The seeds that grew into the Mateel Community Center were planted in 1978 when a group of progressive young people purchased the old Firemen’s Hall in Garberville as a gathering place for meetings and dances. This building was burned down by an arsonist in 1983, after which a major fundraising campaign was developed to rebuild the center in its’ current Redway location. One of the benefit events created to help with funds for the new building was Reggae On The River®, a festival which has since garnered an international reputation and continues to play a vital role in funding the annual operational expenses of the community center.


The Mateel Community Center hall has a maximum occupancy of 800 people and is a showcase of fine woodwork and passive solar design, with a full service commercial kitchen, state of the art sound and lighting, and a removable stage. Featuring a large balcony, huge windows, a sunny portico, and a new outdoor stage and amphitheater area, Mateel has been the chosen venue for thousands of events, programs, classes, weddings, meetings, and memorials presented by more than 400 different user groups and individuals. The average annual attendance at events in the MCC hall totals more than 50,000 individuals, a figure which seems to grow larger every year.


Thanks to this dedicated support base, the Mateel Community Center has been able to realize accomplishments unheard of in what might otherwise be a sleepy rural town. The cultural diversity and economic significance our organization brings to this isolated area of the North Coast augments the quality of life for local residents and is a model for other rural communities.

For hall photographs, expanded facility descriptions, and operational policies of our facility visit our Hall Rental pages.

See the Calendar for a list of upcoming events.