Thanksgiving at the Mateel, Community meal served 12pm 11/24

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The Garberville Veterans Association would like to invite hungry community members to attend their free Thanksgiving Day meal, hosted by the Mateel Community Center in their main hall, on Thursday, Nov 24th.  Food will be served at noon after a brief prayer. Volunteers are encouraged to come as early as 8am, we will need people to help cook, and for cleanup afterwards. 

For further information, please call Amie McClellan at 707-223-3063 or Tom Pietila at 707-499-3931

Mateel Kitchen lead, community chef and Mateel board member Babette Bach has provided her game plan for the annual feast at the Mateel which got started Sunday November 20th! Here it is below for a preview of what’s to come and the behind the scenes planning and preparation that goes on.

Sunday- 10-?

 Tom and I Shop till we drop! And put everything away. 

Cube bread for stuffing; leave in oven to dry 

Make Mayo spice rub for birds

Grind nuts 

Monday- 9-6

turkey cut up, brined in ice chests.

Celery and onions diced 

Quarter Spuds (salt water storage)for mashed (peel russets)

Peel and slice carrots for veg and appetizer

Squash halved and seeded 

Yams peeled and cubed; salt water 

Slice shrooms (veg gravy and green beans)

Ginger minced

Garlic minced

Garlic roasted 

Dice pickle for salad

Dishes & clean up 

Tuesday 9-8

Finish prep from Monday if needed 

Boil bones all day; strain, reduce & cool (separate batch on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Roast birds, cool, slice and pan. 6 pans.

Start roasted bone stock, strain and cool

Slice ham and tray, top with pineapple (and Tom’s Maraschino cherries)

Hard boil eggs – peel

Carrots peeled and shredded for salad 

Sauté 2/3 celery/onions 

Make Wild rice stuffing; cool                    Roast squash; cool and stuff (this is vegan Main entree  & is gf )

Roast yams; layer with brown sugar, ground nuts, butter (top with mousepillows on Thursday)

Boil & cube spuds for salad; cool

Boil Mac for salad; cool

Mushroom sauce for casserole 



Fresh cranberry 

**Hall needs to be clean and ready for set up.

Dishes and cleanup

Wednesday- 9-6

4H shows up to decorate!

Finish Tuesday stuff if needed 

Make spud salad 

Mac Salad 

Deviled eggs 

Roast green beans; cool & assemble casserole (1 gluten free pan)

Assemble stuffings (1 gluten free )

Fruit salad 

Green salad 

Peas, little onions butter, Worcestershire    

Carrots sautéed with ginger, orange juice

Set up buffet, appetizer area, dessert area, beverage area 

Lemonade and iced tea concentrates 

Dishes and cleanup

Thursday- 7-5 (hopefully!)

Heat everything 

Spiced cider

Make gravies  

Make mashed 

Pickle/ olives relish trays

Cheese & crackers 

Canned Cranberry 

Dish pies

Coffee, Tea, milk, iced tea, lemonade



Clean up 

Fall over