October 16, 2018

No Comments Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Present: Megan, Anna, Garth, Stephen, Dusty, Bruce, Eryn

Absent: Pleasure

Staff/Public: Kelly Lincoln, Brian Ormond

Start: 5:38pm.

Last-minute additions to agenda:


Review and approval of September minutes:

Stephen motions, Dusty seconds. All in favor.

Public comment period:

Brian Ormond. Wearing his Veteran’s hat today. Has been producing the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for 30 years, has happened for 35 years. Has done every job possible. Two years ago or last year there was people feeling bad about homeless people…the Mateel put out a notice on Kym Kemp would like to invite hungry community members. it’s not about that. It’s about people who are two steps away from losing their house, and transients, and human beings. Community Thanksgiving/Christmas meetings. For people whose girlfriends are down at their family’s place in the city and doesn’t have a place to eat. It’s a broad-based community event. Just don’t want the person who writes the release to carry a bias. Have fed lots of people from lots of communities.

Brian will send press release to the board and the office – we will make sure to use that and not our own words for any publicity we may do for the event.

Office Report:

BOD Training workshop with HAF at Senior Center – October 19th

Memorial rental – Saturday, October 20th. Need help setting up projector and screen. Dusty has talked to them about renting a projector.

Heal the Mateel – Sunday, October 21st

Halloween Boogie – Saturday, October 27th, co-pro with KMUD. Update, KMUD is doing the kitchen. Dusty knows a guy that wants to cater to the band. Will let Cynthia know. Zero cost to us. Need someone for accounting. Dusty will do it. But how many security do we have? Timbo, 10. Dusty will check in with Pleasure. KMUD: decor. Hotel runner? Not needed.

Water Board Outreach – Tuesday, October 30th, 9-3.

Upcoming Events in November:

Membership Meeting – Tuesday, November 13th

Thanksgiving Day Dinner – Thursday, November 22nd

New Business:

Board training reminder:

Friday, 9:30am to 5pm. At Healy Senior Center.

Heal the Mateel objectives:


Ideas for involvement

Burn negativity

Move on!

Please share the graphic on social media and email!

Present business plan as far as its completed?

Policy change – let membership know before it’s used.

Old Business:

ROTR Update:

Alisha was let go by High Times, the festival manager. Alisha worked for the Mateel but was hired by HT. Was let go at the end of the festival. Contract was ambiguous regarding wrap-up work. Alisha was still willing to do the wrap-up work for the Mateel, for the festival. There’s some info that she needs that she hasn’t gotten. We don’t know the attendance numbers. Water quality reports weren’t paid for by HT – this is part of the wrap up work.

HT hasn’t finished paying everyone related to the festival. We were told all security was paid. However Mark Schaffner has told us they weren’t paid – sounds like rate of pay is being disputed. Were not paid overages over scheduled hours. Some people were underpaid and some people were not paid overtime. Took a long time for them to get paid as well. However, the coordinator did take approximately 2-3 weeks to compile all required employee information necessary to complete payment.

School district has not been paid for shuttling yet.

Arthur family has not been paid for the use of their land yet.

Two Brothers has not been completely paid. South Beach grading and use of their water tender.

All invoices have been submitted to HT.

The Mateel has not been paid for bar reimbursement and insurance we carried for the festival. They want to go over everything step by step that they have paid and reimbursed already, before they pay for anything else. We’ve given all invoices we paid for. They’re now requesting original invoices from the original parties.

Kelly. Question about festivals and shares. Big festival producers are selling festival shares of the profit?

Not exactly sure what that means. No offering for ROTR shares at all.

Rental and caretaker job:

Needs floors done still – Bruce is painting the floor tomorrow.

Anna will make bathroom curtains. Other curtains can be provided by renter.

Pressure wash outside.

Bruce is going to buy a light fixture.

Bruce bought a carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector.

Can start showing any time.

Mini fridge from pottery studio? Sounds like no. Need a mini fridge.

Megan will see if Ikea still has an induction plate for $50.

Committee Reports:

Finance: audit and update – Eryn

P&L January 1st to October 16th

Audit. Have used this auditor 3 times. December, March, April. $10K each. State-mandated audit to keep our standing good with the charitable trust registry. This is the last audit, for last year. It is due. The auditor is going to give us a break, $9K. He’ll take a down payment of half to begin work. We need to get him $4500 ASAP, should have already done it. Final audit is due November 17th. Won’t file until we give him the last half of the payment.

Anonymous community member donated the performance fee for the artists. Mateel & KMUD s paying for accommodations.

Eryn drove to Tahoe and back this weekend.

Side of house sound board. Loren Miller. Asked him about selling the board. Said there’s two Gamble monitor boards in Tahoe. Eryn found out on Thursday, drove to Tahoe Saturday. This Friday Rob Siefert and Jason Goldstein are going to install the 40 channel monitor board and make sure it works. Frees us up to sell our large Gamble board. Gamble EX-1. Went on tour with the Grateful Dead – this is unsubstantiated. Could also potentially sell the other older Gamble. Could raise 3-10K for those two boards. Offer them as a package. Eryn will create a spec sheet and send to Dusty, he’ll start making inquiries.

Personnel – Pleasure

Transitioning from Justine to Anne for PR and social media. This is Justine’s last week.

Tanya has been tying up loose ends and finalizing reference info. Let’s make sure she also provides it to Charity.

Building & Hall Report – Bruce

Been doing plenty in the cabin.

Need to get together around the property and the hall. Not tomorrow. Next week.

Need to hire a plumber for the urinal? Need to be pulled off the wall and snaked.

Add ice in the urinals for large events?

Consider getting port-a-potties for the Boogie if attendance seems high.

Filed a beer and wine permit for the boogie.

Pull that permit and re-submit? Would have to pay another fee.

If we want we can sell a wine punch or champagne drink?

Yes, re-file.

Fundraising – Megan

Working on some stuff, working on the form for lifetime memberships. Pay in payments.

Lifetime memberships – talked about the idea of offering free entry to all Mateel events. But how to we handle co-promotes? Put them on guest list? Pay half-price? 3 co-pros a year?

Events & Talent – Eryn

Don’t have a lot coming up.

Hoedown was a disappointment. Low attendance. Maybe next time partner up with another community organization.

Not counting sponsorship, last year made $5K, according to the P&L.

This year, made $1800.

Entered closed session at 7:10pm.