November 2019

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Present were: Megan- Pleasure- Bruce- Eryn- Nate- D Dan- Dusty- Babette- Steve- and some 2 dozen members of the public

Meeting called to order around a potluck supper at 6:11 pm

The Board members introduced themselves.  There are 3 open seats– Megan the President, Eryn the Treasurer, and Pleasure who is running again.

Megan talked about the last  2 years:  

the debt status ($¾ million, mostly forgiven with some pay down, now $279K;  

meeting schedule now 2xmonth.

Summer Arts happened due to the diligence of Tanya and Eryn

Reggae Legacy happened thanks to Eryn and Dusty.

Dusty pointed out that this is an active board, operational day to day.  He discussed the plant– building is a good sound design.  Someone donated a  monitor consul and Jason is  upgrading the audio components.  Ted donated time and upgraded the electrical… it’s 40 years old!  And now it’s geared for the electrical needs of touring bands.

Bruce before we went broke we’d bought stucco and paint, good investments.  Attendance at workdays has been low, we must do something about that! Gil and Bruce painted the interior.  The shed was worked on, and Nate fixed the roof. The marquis takes 1 ½ hrs to change– we need an electronic one!  And we must ride the weedeaters before end of year, especially on the blackberrys!  We’ve got the garbage going again.  Pineapple Express has moved on, though we expect them back come spring… big improvements in the kitchen, we found and replaced the burned-out circuit breakers!  From the cabin we receive rent of $750/month.

Stephen has been on the Finance committee since January 2018.  They were instrumental on figuring out the finances, dealing with the Sysco fiasco, and are now focused on reducing overhead.  Had to lay off talented staff… in 2017 they had cost $550,000. That has been cut 65% to $191K.  He explained the cutting schedule and goals, to arrive at $70K. Volunteers and the work of the Board are making this possible!  We’re not out of the woods yet, still working on reducing the debt by donations and forgiveness. The debt now stands at less than $500K. The situation with the IRS was questioned– we still are not sure where we stand with them. We meet with them in a month or so to discuss fines and penalties, but can’t very well do that without MONEY… looking at a debt consolidation loan that would leave us with just one payment.

There was some insistence from the audience on more detailed information about money owed, the stance of the IRS., how creditors are being paid off–  appeasement and mollification were applied.Amy and guests discuss our tax liability.

The bottom line is, we must keep the building open! Often the Board resorts to triage.

Someone questions how the Board will inform members of news and steps being taken, etc.  Megan points out that as a nonprofit we cannot be forced into bankruptcy, only by agreement from membership. Sally makes a report, and Megan refers members to the website to examine minutes. A questioner was told the general categories of the debt will be posted on the website also.

Daniel– secretary.  Works also with Steve as he has a background in finances.

Dusty.  Rentals.  Shelley suggests the Farmers Market might over winter I the center.  We have co-promoters at work, Ineffable, Future Produxions and a couple others.

Babbette and the kitchen… wants input for  diet options, menus for events. Tell her!  And tell all we have a commercial kitchen here for rent.

Pleasure currently our big income is from Summer Arts and we have set aside monies to be sure it will happen again next summer!!! We had ought to make it a brand name and cast a wider net both for vendors and attendees. This year it will occur 6+7 June at Benbow.  Two other craft fairs occur a the same time, same with Winter Arts, 7&8 December– would it be better staged in November? And our membership is down, 210 from 450.  We discussed the history of requiring volunteers to belong.

Nate discussed the youth program, Tiphane and Babette are also very involved.  There were 2 kids at the first event, now 10 to 18 show up.  Bruce sends ‘em outside… inside is arts & crafts and computers, pingpong, pool table and pizza from Lost Coast. We need more volunteers for this program!  In future, ChiQong and Tai Chi are possible.  Pleasure suggests Survival Skills, always a draw.  Let us look at these kids as future volunteers.

Eryn was Treasurer and also Talent scout.  Steve is taking over with the Finance committee. As far as Reggae is concerned, the permitting process is CHALLENGING… High Times pulled out at the last minute!! They published a $45K profit and loss statement…  We’ve been the first weekend in August for about 40 years… some upstart festival in Oregon tried to get a leg over us but failed. Toots and Tabaka had been already engaged by High Times, we grabbed them, staged a 2-day event here in the Hall which by 100% acclaimation was a raging success!  Certainly was good for Board morale!

High Times had released us from out deal, put out a press release on their website. They had wanted to be THANKED!  That was not well received!  They did pass us $75K, which paid for artists at Summer Arts.

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