November 15, 2023 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

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Mateel Community Center

Annual Membership Meeting

Public Board Meeting Minutes


Date / Time:November 15, 2023 @ 6pmLocation:MCC Hall, 59 Rusk Lane, Redway or by Zoom

Zoom info:

Online: https://zoom.us/j/98728869440?pwd=L3N0YWdKdnh6V1B4OEFWeFo0aEdkUT09

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Meeting ID: 987 2886 9440

Passcode: 5995560

Current Board Members: 

Pleasure Strange (Prez)*Babette Bach (Trez)*Mo Vionnet*
Nate Miller (VP)*Zac GonzolesDavid Morris
Julia Ralsten (Sec)*Christy Augustine*John Bruno*

Meeting Called to Order at: 6:20

Board members in attendance (notes) : * next to name

Also in attendance: Elena, Ashley, Shiloh, Bruce, Kate, Mellisa, Sonia, Sonias husband, Eyrn,

Quorum established : 

Announcements: 5 minutes each

Board Announcements: This is a presentation from the BOD to the membership, staff is available to answer inquiries when asked.

  1. Committee presentation: 
  • Membership and Fundraising-Julia, Elena has been doing most of the tabling, and fundraising. – Elena suggests doing a fundraiser and membership drive. More volunteers
  • Building- John: building is still here, lacking in funds to complete projects. We need to address the rotting railings, along with some siding.     – We addressed a fallen tree between Community Cornerstone and the Mateel. We need to establish where our property line is with cornerstone       . – we have a nice new gate for the back entrance.         -we need a machine and rock to fix the back driveway. 
  • Dining- Christy &Babbette: always in need of volunteers for all the upcoming events such as thanksgiving, WAF, and Christmas. 
  • Youth-  Julia: we hosted RY, a sober grad. We are working on bring back 
  • Events and Talent- Eryn (festival and talent booking.) our economy locally has been struggling. We lost one booking, Landan Mcnamara. We didn’t do the halloween boogie, as past events haven’t been doing well in the past. There are multiple holds for shows during the spring, none are solid yet. Future productions did a show recently at the Hall, which hasn’t done a show here in 5 years. We are looking into doing “modified” co-pros. There are some exciting things in the works for 4:20 next year.  Eyrn has proposed a few different shows to the board that havent been confirmed yet. We are in the talks for having 2short, Afroman(may),and maybe UB40 (end of july). 
  • Finance committee: Nate –  from 2018 to 2021 we were in the black, because we were a working board. We tried to go back into the business model, for the last years. we need to dial it back  to a skeleton crew, we wont be putting on alot of mateel shows. Our plan is to keep the hall open for the community 
  • How much it cost to keep th hall open 260,000, about 20,000 a month, if we dial back to skeleton crew then it will be 160,000, 30,000 in staff, 35,000 in insurance,
  • .ROTR24- we have something in the works and we have a lot of people working behind the scenes to make a show happen in 2024. 
  • SAMF24- we as a board has been talking about it alot, it cost too much to have it at CLR, cost went up 40%, mostly beyond our control. Camping was a flop as we just made it even. We are considering moving the summer arts at the Hall. costs 50,000 in 2021 at the hall vs, 360,000 at CLR, Benbow cost 15,000 in the past, it doubled to 30,000, they wanted “compliant” music, security from the city, they also wanted 6 instead of 2 park rangers, and they wanted us to show them how we plan for the festival so that they can hold their own. There is potential for the community park, Nate,Alisha ,and Dusty are working on seeing if that is possible. -Shiloh suggests looking into cutting some expenses and still trying to use a larger venue such as CLR. 2-21 was a fluke because of covid. -we made more money per person than last year, but we still had to pay twice the amount. 
  • Dusty is all for the Community park, and to not put assets on private property. 
  • Marisa says it would be touchy with some residents. Parking could be an issue. 
  1. Public Announcements and/or Questions: -Bruce suggests making a financial report to the entities that have upped the prices to show that we cant continue this show when they charge us double as they did the previous year.  –
  2. Public Agenda Items to add:
  3. Office and staff updates- Elena manages the mateel shows and events, 
  4. Votes:****VOTE*****Pleasure makes a motion to have alisha look into the reggae shows in the same time frame.figure out dates, then to approach partnership with the suggested dates for reggae on the river ‘24 at the community park.  Christy seconds. All in favor. Passes. ***VOTE*****Nate makes a motion to give the Debtors a ticket and plus one to all events to show good faith, Mo seconds.all in favor. Passes
  5. ****VOTE*** Nate makes a motion to add the bridge loans to the 20% debtors list. Christy seconds, all here in favor. Passes 
  6.  Nates explains the 20% debtor list. 
  7. Past events: Walkai fire dance , lets talk tourism, employment fair, rabbit and Cavies, Cheer awards and such, JV basketball awards, we have a get fit program, Sho, measure A, California live and family events are renting the venue . But we have a lot of little rentals coming through here. 
  8. Other  things we did: served snow cones during a few hot days of the summer, and finally put in our Marquee sign thanks to Bruce and volunteers. We opened up for a cold winter shelter, we had a few people get stranded in town. 
  9. Partnership and support:
  10. Office and infrastructure upgrades:

Old Business: 5 minutes each

  1. Approve minutes: 10.18.23 PUBLIC BOD Minutes Pleasure makes a motion to approved minutes, all here in favor

Up-coming Events:

  1. Get Fit Sohum T and TH 6:30 am to 7:30 am.
  2. Nov 17 Youth cheer is planning and awards and banquet small event
  3. Nov 18 Charlotte Silverstein’s friends giving
  4. Nov 23 Thanksgiving Garberville Veterans Association community meal
  5. Dec 1st. Follow up on let’s talk tourism. 
  6. Free movie Night will return 2024
  7. Open mic Dec 4th (1st monday)
  8. WAF December  9th &10th
  9. Dec 25 Christmas day Garberville Veterans Association community meal
  10. Dec 30 JV Basketball Team Dinner

New Business: 5-10 minutes each

  1. Plans for next year:
  2. Description of BOD member duties.
  3. Nominations of BOD candidates christy Agustine, Julia Ralsten, Dusty huston, Shiloh notshiloh, Shannon Taliafero, Cassandra Taliafero, Nick riley, Wendy Leader, Kate Carlson, Sai Mcady, april Mcrady, Armand Moore, johno, Brodeur, Mike redd, Jenette Pele, Mackenzie Lottie, Frank Goulach, Lonny whitlow, Galen Lastsko, Amy terrones, Anika Huston, ashley wilma, Alisha goodrich , Craig parkinson, Peter huson, Adam Klyce, Andrew Borget, Aurora studebaker, Duncan Lei, Megan gomes, Diana Totten, Jonni Hipp, Andy Manning, Gemini Herzog, Amie Mccleein, Dan kulchi, Jen aspiria, Charily green, Celeste Pinney, Zara messenger, Demon Edwards, 

Session Ends at: 8:00