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Nov. 18th: 4th Annual Golden Tarp

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What: Humboldt County’s Golden Tarp Awards Announces First-Ever Live Streaming of Their 4th Annual Light Dep Cannabis Competition Judging

Where: Mateel Community Center

When: Saturday, November 18th 2017

Tickets: $20 at the door

The Ganjier, the cannabis industry’s widely respected platform for advice and information on specializations such as cannabis cultivation, law, manufacturing, branding and marketing, announced the call for entry for the fourth annual Golden Tarp Awards. The competition will take place Saturday, November 18th, at The Mateel Community Center in Humboldt County, and will feature, for the first time ever, a multi-camera feed live-streaming broadcast of cannabis competition judging. Flower entries, due by October 26th, are being accepted at drop-off locations throughout Northern and Central California.

For more information visit, www.thegoldentarp.com.

The Golden Tarp Awards is California’s premiere light deprivation cannabis competition respected for its exceptional testing standards. Light deprivation, aka ‘light dep’, is the process of forcing plants to flower with sunlight in a time of year that is not normally the flowering period of the sun’s natural lighting cycle. The result is exceptional quality cannabis with high cannabinoid and terpene levels within a shorter time frame outdoors. Consumers benefit from the nutrient-richness of using natural sun and soil, and producers benefit from more yields a year. It’s also less expensive than indoor cultivation.

Humboldt County lies within the depths of the Emerald Triangle, behind the redwood curtain of Northern California’srainforest. Known to most as the epicenter of outdoor cannabis production, this incredibly lush world of misty groves, offbeat towns and protected wildlife, is the heartbeat of the cannabis industry. The livestreaming will enable cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators from around the world to learn directly from experts from the comfort of their phones.

“We created the Golden Tarp to recognize producers who grow phenomenal light dep cannabis flowers and have developed best practices for healthy, quality cannabis for generations,” said Kevin Jodrey, Cultivation Director of Wonderland Nursery, and co-founder of The Ganjier. “Our goal is to recognize these farmers while introducing consumers to the importance and benefits of light dep cannabis grown outdoors with sunlight and healthy nutrient-dense soil that is free of chemicals, pesticides and pollutants.”

Every entry is first lab tested to ensure safety and consistency, under strict guidelines that also recognizes biodynamic farming methods. Flowers are then entered into a flavor category: fruity, floral, earth or fuel. Judges will ultimately review the top four entries from each flavor category, selected by highest total cannabinoid content and grouped by terpene expression. Read more about how to enter the Golden Tarp here.

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About The Golden Tarp Awards
The Golden Tarp Awards is designed to recognize the phenomenal flower grown with light dep cultivation, a technique that began to grow in popularity starting with craft cannabis farmers in the Emerald Triangle in 2010. The Golden Tarp Awards continue to set the bar for cannabis competition testing standards.

Golden Tarp