May 2019

No Comments Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Mateel Board Public Meeting Tuesday 21 May 19 Present were Eryn- Steve- Pleasure- D Dan- Bruce- Nate-Meagan- Babette- Tephain- A MINUTES.  Bruce moved to accept; Dusty2, U. Discussion of possible tenants. Tephain brought up the matter of RENTALS. She’ll be needing a pretzel warmer and a cotton candy machine.  MOTION TO BUY both pieces of equipment, instead of perpetually renting them:  Dusty moved, Pleasure 2, U. A and Tephain discussed signage needed for the youth booth. A will create these. Next up was consideration of camping sites, and somebody to host the area.  Gotta get the coordinators to tell us how many they will need. Gotta find an ethical and  punctual host! Host needs a job description.  To avoid opportunities for pilfering we decide to let Burt collect camping fees, he’s giving out wristbands already anyways. Update on setting up, radios ordered, shower arrangements, parking passes. The board needs updates from HT re RotR progress.  Miscellaneous will hand over $100 to the Weed Whack Warriors so they can get the site cleared of grasses &c. Trees need checking for widowmakers. Reminder:  we had big problems with underground wasp nests last year! There was a long and involved discussion of grants, grant writing, grant sources.  A motion was made but no follow-through– Tephain kept coming up in all aspects… she has a long history, after all, setting up programs for disadvantaged youth from like Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic circle!, and very much wants to be part of the Mateel.  We discussed how she would be paid. Then we went on to the kids afterschool program itself.  Seems the first day would be the Friday after Summer Arts, one thing at a time!  Logistics, activities, staffing, forms and paperwork County Line—what do we owe them?  NOTHING—they are washing away all debt from 2017. Steve wants to see this clarified further.. COMMITTEE REPORTS.  The cabin.  No renter yet.  We need to revise the rental agreement. Bruce and Nate will see about getting bids to repair the main building roof.  A will be working with Tommy on planting 3 of the beds around the center, we’ll all keep an eye out for any watering over the summer.  The alarms all need covers, and re-setting.  Eryn has a finance/accounting meeting on Thursday with Tanya, Amy and E. Report on paperwork with Rangers, high presales numbers over last year. The group took a look over the past year and realized we’ver brought the Mateel out of Desperation! This was the end of Open Session, DnA leave the hall. Submitted by A the Scribe to D Dan the Secretary.