May 15, 2018

No Comments Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Present: Garth, Megan, Anna, Pleasure

Absent: Stephen, Bruce, Dusty (late)

Staff: Alisha

Start: 6:03pm.

Last-minute additions to agenda: N/A

Review and approval of minutes: Megan motion, Pleasure seconded. All in favor.

Public Comment:

  • Babette Kurtz: Wanted to confirm a few things: juice booth will go toward the Meal? That we can rent the kitchen to do a Make and Take lunch?
  • Jim Fulton: SAMF question. Has a question about safety at Summer Arts regarding Fire & Medical. Interested what’s in the use permit, if it’s the same as the past, then it’s not. There’s not a use permit, because we’re on state park land, under contract with the State park.
    • Still concerned about fire and medical.
    • Last year was the first year that Jah Med was present.
    • Jim feels that bringing them in what extremely necessary.
    • Is hiring Briceland a solution in your mind, Jim?
    • Casandra has reached out to Garberville, if they’re not interested, maybe something with Briceland can be worked out?
    • Jah Med has agreed to have a site team. No nurses will be available.
    • Eryn will follow up.
    • Redwood Rural will be there for first aid.
    • Jah Med will be available with a site team.
    • What we don’t have nailed down is BLS. Basic Life Support. First Responders.

Office Report:

  • Pineapple Express will begin using the kitchen this Friday May 18th.
  • 19th Memorial. 2pm-9pm.
  • Baptism on the 20th, all day.
  • Final SAMF Coord. Mtg. Wed May 23.
  • J Boog. Friday May 25th. Load in sound check TBA.
  • KMUD Block Party Sat. 26th. Megan will be tabling.
  • Bday 27th 28th.
  • Nerf Party 31.
  • Then SAMF.
  • Poker party for Syreeta Cox Sat Jun 16th.

Board Appointment:

  • Pleasure motions to appoint Andrea Pergens. Megan seconds. All in favor. Marcus has stepped down due to other commitments.


  • Keith of Mattole River Studios has offered to donate $1000 of merchandise to a Mateel event.

Adopt A Debt Update:

  • Program does not seem to be working. Though people on the street have said thank you. Internet campaign does serve as a barometer. Crashing local economy. Some bad feeling about the debt. Lots of other deserving organizations.
  • May release us from exclusivity on online campaign.s
  • Go door to door? Possibly…
  • Most of what we’ve raised online actually comes from board and staff.
  • Shuttles? It has been secured for SAMF.
  • Regarding ROTR, has heard there might be another option besides HT?
  • An additional option might be a ganja festival

Headwaters Fund

  • Does give large loans. Also gives grants. Mostly around $5K grants.
  • Estelle is willing to consider backing us on a loan from Headwaters. Headwaters likes it if you have a new project. Indoor swimming pool? Blackout curtains?
  • Negotiate lower payments to debtors? Grants for blackout curtains. Loan would go to pay off local businesses. Would need a business plan. Would ask the board, is there a business plan?
  • Plan Y: Default on the loan, then the county gets the building. Better for the hall to go to the county, than a bank. This hall is notoriously hard to manage. Parking, hill, lights, heating, acoustics, etc.
  • Or could potentially sell the hall for $1 mil plus to the county. Would still be a public building.
  • Asking for a vote: Bruce, Megan, Eryn and Darryl to come up with a prelim. letter of inquiry. Not a proposal. Just a letter to find out if they will consider a loan. Has spoken to the new CEO/ED. Our letter or presentation will be on their June agenda. Vote not necessary. Everyone on the board seems to be okay with it.
  • Another idea for a project: upgrading the electrical system

ROTR Update:

  • What’s happening with HT?
  • Contract is nearly complete, it still lacks signatures. Final details were worked out today.
  • Current deal would involve some advance money, with more to come on the net profit.
  • ROTR Trademark has been renewed for another 10 years. Thanks to a longtime member and lawyer.

Make and Take lunch program:

  • Meal program will earn kitchen credit for hours worked in the juice booth. Approx. 48 hours.
  • Not assigning a monetary value.

Worse-case Scenarios:

  • Rent the office out as a house? Not a separate parcel.
  • Dissolve the non-profit? Sell assets to pay creditors.
  • Selling individual assets? Stage. Sound equipment. Lights? Chairs. Tents. Festival infrastructure stuff. Fully closing the hall and only opening for profitable events.
  • Taxes we owe on our employment taxes fro all the crews at ROTR. Late fees and interest are starting to mount up. It’s around $80K. Will only go up from there.
  • Borrowed $35K from an anonymous lender to fund SAMF.

Choose a new BOD president:

  • Garth would like to step down from Board President.
  • Have discussed for a while and no one has yet stepped forward.
  • As of the end of this meeting, Garth will no longer be Board President.

Finance Report:

Org. Audit Report:

  • Audit was filed and paid on May 6. (Deadline was May 7.)
  • Received the official letter today that we were reinstated with the Registry of Charitable Trusts. Next one due September 30th. We have now paid 3 of these in the last 4 months.

Patrick’s Financial Report.

  • Have had a fairly large staff – including payroll for festival crews.
  • Read Patrick’s Report.
  • Going forward: re-doing how the Quickbooks account is done. Separating events, etc., as Patrick recommended.

Public Comment on Financial Report:

  • Why do we not qualify for reorganization under bankruptcy?
  • We could file bankruptcy and maybe pay people back in the future?
  • We probably couldn’t continue to operate under reorganization. At that point would probably have to dissolve the non-profit.
  • HT has not offered to buy ROTR. We would probably prefer that.

Building Report:

  • Bruce installed a door on the men’s room
  • Need to burn the burn pile at French’s camp soon


  • Concessions Budget
  • Ask Amie if she’ll talk to Shop Smart about our credit line there
  • Who ordered last year? Alisha will ask Melody to pull an invoice from Shop Smart from last year.
  • Soda/Juice
  • Popcorn
  • Snow Cones
  • North Coast Merc: wondering about the big turn. If their truck can make it. Putting the truck in a different place this year. Have to bring the truck in on Friday.
  • Things are being worked out with Parking Crew. (Interior & Exterior)




  • Covered by Darryl.

Events & Talents:

  • J Boog is coming up. Co-pro. Should make some money off the bar.
  • Babette is doing the kitchen. Anne asked her.
  • Salmon Creek event is canceled – was going to pay off the Salmon Creek Fire for ice. Will be re-scheduled hopefully with a different artist.