October 2019

No Comments Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes


Present were Megan- D Dan- Bruce- Steve- Dusty- Pleasure- Nate- Babette- A- no public

Discussion of the redwood logs.  Shannon will move them to the lower lot.  They are checked! Can we charge $200 each? 100? 300?

The Bouncey House:  Megan bought it and donated it to the Mateel.  Dusty is moving it.  Hereafter, the remters’ll have to move it themselves.  A debate followed on aspects of renting it.

Discussion of cleaning and reorganizing kitchen, arranging for Babette’s food purchases.

Dusty brings up possibility of dance for 6-8 grades.  Check in with school– maybe require a high GPA?

What about a Clean-Up Clean-Out day?   We could start by pitching stuff OUT.  

Dusty moves to accept minutes of last public board meeting.  Steve seconds, passes U.

Aikido classes at the Mateel on Mondays and Wednesdays, 3-6:30.   April guarantees to have the floor clean by 3 pm.

Discussion of JANITOR.  Various individuals brought up and examined for likelihood… we need to advertise! But do we have a job description?  Megan reveals that there are FOUR.  D Dan volunteers to consolidate,share, post job opening.  

Upcoming events:  another Town Hall meeting on 22 October. 

KMUD Boogie on 24th October, set up and decorate at 1:30.

Discussion of various aspects– getting in touch with Mark Switzer at the Harris store, 2 bars or not, based  on attendance, how ARE ticket sales going?  

There are 2 events coming up in early November.

November 19th is the annual membership meeting:  Pleasure, Megan and a public person not Cassandra…  

Doors open at 5:30 + potluck, meeting at 6.  Looking for public comments.

Spreadsheets to be posted on walls.  Then a synopsis from each committee.

Gotta remind the members!  Email! Pay up!

We have a radio slot on the 4th of November…. Eryn, Pleasure, Megan, Dusty.

Winter Arts has been moved back a week to accommodate Del Arte.

Pleasure prefers Cirque Va de Gras, and Ashley knows them.

It was remarked that in the current atmosplere, there is a high potential for LOSING MONEY… best with small shows, not big music.

Ted and electric interrupt the meeting.  Discussion of how/when to get him into building?? The discussion devolved into chatting with his wife.

Bruce says on the 14th radio day we had oughta announce the Clean-Up Clean-Out,.  Say a work day on Friday the 15th, we arrive at 9 am to get organized and the public arrives at 10.  Start with the building and move outside when done.

We rejected summarily the suggestion of having Johnny check out the stove and oven, Bruce will.

Back to the membership meeting:  Gotta tell everyone to bring a potluck dish!

Committee reports would be from Finance, Building, Staff.

SAY!! The Reggae on the River name has been released!  It’s OURS again! Had we oughta run this by a lawyer?  How about Sam, he’s a paralegal…

Typhane:  we can approve a grant for her as long as she gets a budget together to support it.  Pleasure, Nate and  Dusting are going to check out the grant proposal. They spent a while trying to get Typhane to send an electronic copy… 

Loan:   Amy is finishing up her part, sending to out no later than Thursday.  


D Dan told the scribe there was a closed board meeting starting somewhere in here but we both failed to note WHERE…

Discussion of income/outgo for Summer Arts.

Bruce:  someone wants to donate to the youth program, Bruce’ll get them a budget for supplys/food. The Youth Pgm account # is 13597, deposit in there.

Babette thinks it best to give the alarm code and key to Tiphane, then she could set up for kids.

It was noted that work/trade cleaning is commonly figured at $35/hr for a professional.

At this point DnA left the meeting.

Notes submitted by the Scribe to the Secretary.

Best y’all!!