August 2019

No Comments Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

MATEEL PUBLIC BOARD MEETING Tuesday 20 August 2019, 5:39 pm

Present: Pleasure- Babette- Nate- D Dan- Steve- Eryn- A

Tanya recorded the meeting for KMUD.

Previous minutes:  Steve moved to accept- D Dan 2nd– U

Renting cabin:  to Elizabeth, Redway teacher.  Pro’s & con’s of living there were discussed.  And her cat…

Dealing with GARBAGE:  We owe Ecology $3,888 from Reggae 2017.

Discussion of costs involved, size of container needed, recycling possibilities to lower expense.  Maybe tack on fees so as to include the kitchen and the cabin renters?  And Pineapple Express?  This matter was tabled while Babette consults with PX.

Pleasure moves to pay off our debt with Recology.  Eryn wants to check with Amy to see how fat our bank account is.  

Nate seconds the motion; Steve votes nay as we do not know the status of our bank account.  Motion passes.

Discussion continues… Eryn suggests we offer a package to the cabin and PX, thereby avoiding future interfernce from The Bear. A recycle bin is only $5/month. Nate has discussed all this with Justin at PX.

Finance Report– Stephen.  After payoffs we brought in $35K from all ticket sales.  Saturday was ¾ sold out, Sunday sold out completely.  Finance committee meets on Thursday to finalize.

We got great community feedback!  The general opinion was to keep RL at the Community center.  

Maybe have a shuttle from Benbow parking.

The kitchen was overwhelmed!  We could alleviate that by serving out at the barbeque.

Eryn pointed out that we bring a festival atmosphere to the center with a pretty low investment.  Under the Union banner, old wounds were healed, and the old guard has started coming out of the woods.   

We had 12 business sponsors.  HHA did not contribute. 

Childrens’ Program:  Nate and Teffaine, 3-6:30.  Happy to have lots more kids!  Planning a Halloween party, a Boogie Down on the 26th.  There’ll be a haunted house upstairs, dividing it into a number of small rooms.  Come in one door, walk through, exit another door.

Survey of Future Events:  Julian Marley on the 23rd, Pineapple Express will not be in the kitchen on that day.

The Indigo People are hosting Stephen Marley.

On 6 September, a concert, workshops?

Nate and Eryn express some interest over Charity’s hours….

The Missoula Childrens’ Theatre is returning.  Last year they had a $1K sponsor, this year, no sponsor.  They are part of fulfilling our mission statement.  They’ll have 2 performances on Saturday.  Auditions are on 16th September.

On the 21st and 23rd, Aikido for kids from 3 to 6:30 pm.

On the 26th, Humboldt Growers meet.

KMUD’s Luau is on Saturday the 28th, here. 

KMUD has a boogie on the 26th, here. We need to get with their new station manager to promote this!

Pleasure would like to see a school dance for 4-8th graders at the Mateel.  High Schoolers have their own dance… never too early for social skills in a different environment!

Clean Out/Clean Up Day: Paint inside, repair buildings.  Bruce will be available after the 20th of September.  Pleasure says Bruce can have the outside, let’s deal with the inside. Steve suggests a painting party.

We’ll set a date with Bruce, announce it on KMUD, follow up with emails, get volunteer help. 

The contailers outside the hall need cleaning out.  There’s 5 years’ worth of stuff in them! 

Then a discussion of BOUNCY HOUSES ensued… to buy or not to buy our own?  Wondering if our insurance covers one.  Nate is gonna check this all out with Greg.

Eryn on Friday will pass Finance, Events & Talent to Steve, will be updating the debt schedule as well.

Who’s on the membership committee??  Everyone’s wondering…

The cabin rent has been lowered from $850 to  $750.

The Youth Program is going full swing!  We are looking for donations of food, materials, and Tvs for the computer lab.

The public meeting ended at 6:30.

There was some discussion of $15/hr for Tiffane as Volunteer Coordinator.

Tuesdays are the best day for DnA to participate in any cleanup projects.

DnA left shortly after this….

Reported by A to D and thence to the Board~

Love yawl, A.