May 13th: Mateel Comedy Cabaret feat. Jon Gamora

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Where: Mateel Community Center – 59 Rusk Lane, Redway
When: Friday, May 13. Doors open at 8:30. Show starts at 9pm
Cost: $10 cover at the door.
Why: The only regular pro comedy series in Southern Humboldt!
Contact: Mateel Community Center. (707) 923-3368. office@mateel.org, Tony Persico. (707) 502-9656, av.persico@gmail.com

Mateel Community Center presents their monthly Comedy Cabaret. May is our final show of the season, so you definitely don’t want to miss it! The funniest comedians from both far and near come together on the second Friday of the month to bring you the very best stand-up comedy in Humboldt County.

Who is Featured:

May features the young comic prodigy Jon Gomora. Jon is based in Los Angeles, but is from Sacramento. Jon may be young, but he beat all our butts at Cards Against Humanity – while he was playing some game on his computer and barely paying attention. Seriously, that’s embarrassing. This is one seriously talented comedian, and he’s just getting started. Jon’s bringing a couple friends from Sacramento – Kim Martel and Jordan Gannon. Local comedian Tony Persico will be joining in on the fun and the delightful and effervescent Talvi Fried will be hosting.

Jon Gomora

Jon GomoraJon Gomora is a comedian based in Los Angeles, but from Sacramento, California. At only 21 years of age he has developed an esoteric, affable comedic sense where a perpetual shift of improvisation meets constant media consumption. At this point in his career Jon's proudest moment is winning a local comedy competition before being the youngest semifinalist in the Sacramento Comedy Competition. Jon said farewell to his teen years on the road performing 10 shows in Portland Seattle and Vancouver. As Jon continues to perform he hopes to transcend to a higher level. Jon is a Leo.

Kim Martel

Kim Martel is a Sacramento-based comedian. Her style is described as being surprising, uncomfortable, and smart. But, being a person who tries to always focus on the positive, she only ever hears that last part.

Kim MartelKim was born hyper-aware of her own shortcomings. After having spent most of her life in Southern Vermont, she moved to California, where she found herself very much not ready to be a grown-up, a recurring theme in much of her stand-up. In 2014 Kim was a finalist in Oakland’s Walk the Plank Competition and a finalist in Make Me Laugh Oakland 2015.

Website - Twitter

Jordan Gannon

Jordan GannonJordan Gannon is a Sacramento based author and comedian known for his mixture of smart and silly humor, as well as his failed mayoral bid. His unique writing style makes him a popular fixture on podcasts such as Stab! and Epic Tiki.

Tony Persico


Tony PersicoTony Persico has been called, “an odd guy,” and, “better than I thought he’d be,” by some of the most respected comedians on the West Coast. With an intense personality and sometimes dark perspective, Tony covers everything from religion and politics to the frustrations of driving and being attacked by a public toilet.

Tony performs regularly all over Humboldt County and semi-regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was a part of the 2013 and 2015 Savage Henry Comedy Festivals, the Redwood Comedy Festival, and has been a contributor to Savage Henry Independent Times Magazine.

In addition, Tony produces comedy shows in Humboldt County under the name Make Me Laugh! Productions, bringing the best comedians from all over the West Coast and beyond behind the Redwood Curtain to make this place a little funnier.

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Talvi Fried

Talvi FriedTalvi Fried is a born and raised California comedian, residing in the colorfully charming city of Eureka. Talvi has performed in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Las Vegas, Oregon, and right here at home in Humboldt. She was part of the 4th Annual Savage Henry Comedy Festival and the Redwood Comedy Festival. Talvi bedazzles everything, and if you’re not careful, she just might slip a goldfish in your pocket.

Mateel Comedy Cabaret

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