Yard Dogs Road Show

June 21: Yard Dogs Film Night & Vaudeville Show!

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What: Yard Dogs Road Show- The Untold Story
When: June 21, 2016, Doors at 8:30pm
Where: Mateel Community Center, Redway, CA
Tickets: $20 admission at the door.


Yard Dogs Road Show- The Untold Story


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In 1996 young writer Eddy Joe Cotton (Zebu Recchia) traveled from Colorado to San Francisco on a freight train looking for his next adventure. He found it in filmmaker Flecher Fleudujon and poet Miguel Strong. With the tech crunch still over the horizon the San Francisco underground was thriving. Their friendship blossomed out of cruising the streets in an old Ford Galaxie 500 and making short films of whatever life offered. While driving to Oregon they unexpectedly formed a jug band, which would evolve into an internationally touring “vaudeville” show. This is a bohemian journey that examines the lifestyle that inspires the art and the struggle between friends trying to manifest a collaborative vision. With appearances by Ken Kesey, Michael Franti, Bassnectar, Speed Levitch and members of Beats Antique.

Directed and Filmed by Flecher Fluerdujon

Produced, Written and Narrated by Zebu Recchia

The event will also feature Tobias of the Yard Dogs Road Show with his vaudevillian spectacular, plus The Oddjob Ensemble.

More about The Oddjob Ensemble:

The Oddjob Ensemble is Kalei Yamanoha’s strange and wonderful brainchild- a consortium of multi-instrumentalists and specialists, based in San Francisco. With powerful ancient melodies and sounds that twist the ear into a delicious musical pretzel, they touch upon many different cultural influences and find unusual but fascinating combinations of traditional styles, jazz, and progressive music. Largely instrumental, an evening with the Oddjob Ensemble is a showcase of stunning musicianship, exotic tonalities and of course shenanigans.

Hello friends 

Please join us at one of our favorite places on earth for a night of reflection and merriment with old (and new) friends! The folks in the Redway and Garberville area have embraced this wild vision from the very start. We’re looking forward to sharing our story with the folks who saw the forest for the trees – back when we were still playing dress up and throwing bowling balls at each other.

There will be performances by Tobias (from YDRS) and music by The Oddjob Ensemble. 

The filmmakers will also be on hand. 

See you there!

Zebu, Flecher and the Yard Dogs  

Yard Dogs Road Show