June 2019

No Comments Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

MATEEL PUBLIC MEETING Tuesday 18 June 2019, 5:35 pm, adjourned 6:30 pm Megan-Bruce-D Dan-Eryn-Dusty-Nate-Babette Previous minutes were already approved… PUBLIC COMMENT (there are more board members at the meeting than public!) Various thanks for Summer Arts from various groups and individuals. Suggestion that we hire entertainment IMMEDIATELY for next year to ensure their availability.  Possibly even for 2 years ahead! Attendance and income were both UP from last year—we had to borrow ‘way less to run the event! Everyone is all paid.  Fastest cleanup ever! Discussed coordinator party, set date for 5 July. Teffane introduced a new young woman who will be helping with the kids, she is  hatted up for mental health oversight. The Friday afternoon Mateel program is still swirling, they plan an organizational meeting at 3 that coming Friday. Justine will advertise it. A offered her services for Spontaneous Signage. REGGAE!  High Times has cancelled the event.  BUT… we plan a 2day event on the same date, but at the hall.  We don’t have enough lead time to arrange for an offsite event.  Over the next few weeks there wil be negotiations over contracts, leases, confidential agreements.  Garth pointed out that all the area hotels are interested in an event happening and would be interested in sponsoring various aspects. John at Benbow would love to have the event there! Tonya says she would be glad to help with sponsors. Eryn says he found HT’s President and ViceChair of events to be helpful and cooperative.  They had been facing more heavy losses with this show.  There was something of a philosophical discussion on the current state of music festivals.  No one anymore identifies with just one genre of music.  Amber wonders about attendance at this meeting—where is everyone who was raging?? (they use the internet as their participatory tool).  She pointed out that ROTR is boring, activities other than music are SO NOT HAPPENING. Eryn pointed out that Reggae is old school, the people connexions were what was important.  Legalization took the wind out of our sails—you can smoke anywhere now!  Ayala pointed out that we have come full circle, back to Community. There was some brainstorming of other activities that could be available at a reborn music festival—foto treasure hunt, yoga, inspirational speakers, popup stage for local bands, art booth DIY, plywood wall of paper plates to color yourself. Megan thanked all for input. Rick talked about the website—update weekly—and a press release listing businesses affected by No Reggae—so folks would funnel business to them. Maybe hold baby Reggae at Community park? D
Dan pointed out that HT never figured out that a country festival was different from one in the city.