June 19, 2018

No Comments Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Present: Megan, Anna, Garth, Stephen, Pleasure, Dusty, Annie, Bruce

Absent: Eryn


Start: 5:51pm.

Last-minute additions to agenda: Mime Troupe

Review and approval of minutes: Pleasure motions to approve, Megan seconds. All in favor, with the exception of Stephen, who abstains due to absence at the last meeting.

Seat new president:

Garth has stepped down.

Megan Gomes is now our new president.

Public Comment:


  • Wondering how we go about scheduling the Mateel Meal hours.
  • Can schedule with Charity. Sounds like Babette is in contact with Summer Young, who’ll be running a youth camp about how to coordinate meal hours and summer camp hours.


  • Mateel Center should help sponsor feeding the hungry again. There’s a lot of people that are having hard times right now, going to be a lot in the future. Some places in California are already having problems with die-off from lack of proper nutrition. Really hoping you guys will consider donating more hours for the kitchen. The hungry can eat outside. They can eat in the parking lot. They don’t mind. Can even be off the property. For most people, food is good.

EZ Out:

  • No money. No way to cook. Nowhere to cook. Would be more than willing to come here and make food. Just so I can eat. Has chef experience.


  • I agree the meal is really important. It’s what led me to eventually become a coordinator for your events Really helps with outreach. Not just the negative things that people make it out to be. People other places recognize the Mateel Meal.We love it. It’s important.
  • Is the problem with the meal that it costs money?
  • The biggest issue is financial, yes. We can’t afford basic services for the hall. We had our gas shut off. Every dollar is spent as soon as it comes in.
  • If the meal was self-sustaining, could it happen?
  • If a proposal was brought to us, we can consider it.


  • Now that the ROTR contract is finalized, now that you’ve pared the staff down, would it be fair to assume that you’ll soon be opening up the other meetings of the month to the press if they want to join you?
  • Those are finance meetings that wouldn’t be held in public meetings anyway. Items that we discuss at those meetings come up on our monthly public meeting agenda.
  • Is it fair to say that the answer to Kim’s question is yes. If he finds funding, can the Meal count on the kitchen?
  • They can bring us a proposal for us to consider.
  • At a public meeting, it was decided that the Meal, should it continue, can be prepared here and taken offsite to be distributed.


  • Scott said he’d received a welcome coordinators letter, which is not something she received. Eryn wasn’t sure about that. Can we cover this under Reggae please?

Office Report


  • Anne will be out of town at the end of the summer for a month.
  • Pineapple Express’ truck didn’t pass inspection. Our kitchen passed. Plans to rent our kitchen are on hold.
  • June 16th Poker Party (last Saturday)
  • July events: Annie’s baby shower.
  • Stage removal July 20
  • SF Mime Troupe July 21
  • Katchafire is July 22
  • Cha is coordinating housing.
  • Need volunteers for stage stuff. Dusty will contact Anne.
  • Stephen Marley August 14th
  • September Collie Buddz on the 3rd.
  • MCT 9-15.
  • Auditions 10th. Performance 15th.
  • Trevor Hall Sep 19.
  • E40 Friday 21st.
  • Hippie Sabotage 27.
  • Hold for 29th. Beer BBQ Bluegrass Hoedown.
  • Abc Training October 2.
  • Wedding Oct 13. Hold.
  • Pigeons Playing Ping-Pong. 7th or 11.

New Business

Youth Summer Camp

  • Summer Young. Max 30 students per day. walking field trips. pretty traditional summer camp activities. M-Th. Start date will be July 9 to August 9.
  • Flexible with our ROTR work/extraction of things from the hall while prepping.
  • Note: get Eric to weed-whack.

Mime Troupe

  • Coming up. They require 25% of their payment by July 1. She’s paying what we don’t make.
  • Can we ask Cha to ask Sonia if she’s willing to pay the deposit? We reimburse what comes from the door. Megan will ask Cha, if not she will contact Sonia.

One Log MOU

  • Table until next meeting since Eryn is late
  • Meeting with Peter tomorrow
  • Long story short Michael Richardson left their APN out of his staff report.
  • Nothing has changed, our agreement remains the same. Emergency exit for the venue. And ancillary parking lot.

SAMF numbers/debt pay-down

  • Wait until Eryn arrives
  • SAMF: reduced the cost of putting it on. Paid down 141K of our debt.
  • Babette did our hydration station for performers and crew without a budget, and due to a bake sale, we only had to pay $100.
  • We were able to use the $ that was generated from SAMF to pay for it, rather than use advance ROTR money, which has been the practice for the last 5 or so years.
  • Actuals for SAMF are not completed – bills are still being paid. We have an overall pay-down number, because a lot of that pay down was done on the front end of the show.
  • 75K from HT was used to pay down debt that will allow us to put on ROTR and SAMF. A huge portion of it was used to pay the Arthurs.
  • Babette, several volunteers came up to the Hydration Station. Why don’t you have a GoFundMe page for the Hydration Station? Or maybe a $5 fee? Something to think about next year.

Old Business 

Reggae on the River updates

  • High Times has not announced a lineup yet.
  • They have secured various infrastructure related and Emergency Medical Services or coordinators or are in process. All EMS finished by tomorrow most likely. They are choosing to do some things themselves, such as rentals. Generators, bathrooms, fencing, power, lights, signboards, etc.
  • Confident in their ability in working with the Mateel and county agencies, etc. Specifically High Times Productions staff.
  • A rep from HT will be at the County Planning Commission meeting that’s happening on Thursday. Going for our new permit.
  • Kelley Lincoln would like to know about a series of emails re the County.
  • 401 app is being submitted.
  • of Fish & Wildlife has been forwarding their emails to Justin. Two weeks ago, Michael Richardson let us know we’re in a renewal stage of our permit application. Now that we’re in the know, we’re completing a renewal. It’s a pretty standard renewal for a low water bridge.
  • Kelley said that Dept of Fish & Wildlife “doesn’t like us” and “doesn’t want to approve our application”. Taking a low-level biologist’s word on our permit status might not be wise.
  • Had they been contacting anyone at the Mateel other than Justin, we would have been on this months ago. It would have been nice.
  • To be clear, we all knew that the CUP was up for renewal, but we just found out that the Lake and Streambed Alteration permit was up for renewal.
  • We’ve submitted everything they need, and hopefully their able to process our paperwork with the speed that’s required.
  • What about the 401. Megan is taking that on tomorrow. Compiling reports, disseminating that information, and pay fees before our Thursday meeting.
  • The board was not copied into every single series of emails, to be clear. That’s why we have reports at these meetings.
  • We have a good partner, and we feel like they’re doing their best to carry this event forward to benefit the community center.
  • Eryn had talked about starting the Oversight Committee. Part of our contract allows us to have a Mateel Oversight Committee involved with ROTR. Pleasure, Stephen, Annie, Eryn. Also ask Roxanne. Allows us to audit their books during and after the show.
  • Will they have a ledger there that talks about the expenses. You know about running the show, 2 mil goes out, 2.5 comes back, will they have a summary budget? Yes. We’ll get a report at the end to track expenses and income.
  • Has anyone asked you about them running in the red themselves?
  • And we are, but they are not in red as far as their Productions company goes, they’re not in the red, but posting a profit. HT has debt, but not the HTP.
  • If people want to do a vendor booth:
  • Food Vendors: munchies@hightimes.com
  • Craft Vendors: glover@hightimes.com
  • Volunteers: volunteers@hightimes.com
  • We’ve been tightening the reins on the Center, and loosening the reins on ROTR.
  • They have a good record of selling out their concerts even with their late announcing of lineups.

Debt Payment Demands

  • Worker’s Comp from two years ago. It is delinquent. Resulting from our individual contractors for ROTR and their payroll. End up owing a lot more worker’s comp at the end of the year than we planned on taking on. Eryn knows more about it, but he’s not here.
  • We switched our worker’s comp agents, this is our old agent. It’s been sent to collections.
  • What are the ramifications of it going to legal collections? They would like to have our assets.
  • Payroll taxes are also the a serious separate debt.

Worse-case scenarios

  • EDD taxes and the sales taxes are both the most critical bills that are still outstanding.
  • Our actuals will help dictate where we make strategic payments to advance our war against debt.
  • Headwaters Fund Loan. Would help pay payroll and continue putting on shows. Would need to see numbers to see if we could pay payments on that.
  • If you had a loan payment in the 2500-3000/mo. range, how would that feel? It’s half of our staffing costs or more each week. Seems like to us it would be more than 6K a month. But maybe we could get a great rate. Don’t necessarily need to borrow the full amount. Even if we only for 100K-200K.
  • Right now board members have been taking on pivotal roles and doing it for free. Now we’re super bare bones, but we’re open. We’re looking at reducing even more. We have to save as much money as possible. Money saved is money earned.
  • During the Reggae Wars, it was similar, but different. We didn’t owe as much money, and the community had more money. More support from the community.

Committee Reports: 

Finance Committee: 


  • Tabled until next meeting due to Treasure’s absence.

Tax penalties

Tabled until next meeting, same reason as above.


Needs new chair

  • Pleasure will do it.
  • Outgoing board members, start cultivating possible members.

Building/Hall Report:

  • No report, because of Summer Arts. Just load out and load back in.


Needs new chair

  • Megan will keep it for now.
  • Darryl’s grant and loan idea from Headwaters Fund. Grant for curtains and electrical upgrade. Loan for some of our debt.

Events and Talent

  • Beer & BBQ being merged with the Hoedown.
  • Mateel has found a donor to sponsor a portion of that event to make it possible to continue.
  • Historically it’s made a little bit of money. Nice family event.
  • We’ll have to think about the ticket price vs. the tasting, etc.


End 7:13pm.