July 2020

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Mateel Community Center

Board Meeting Agenda

July 21, 2020 Mateel Community Center


Present: Nate, Bruce, Nicole, Johnny, Pleasure, Stephen, Babette, Daniel Meeting Objectives:

Time ​10 min 10 min

5​ -10 min 10 min

20 min 15 min

Archive project 30 min+


Approve minutes from previous meeting Public Comment

Office Notes
Friday Dinner Review see below. IRS and Loans

​Committee Reports
– Building
– Finance
– Membership- letter needs to be written – Youth

– Events and Talent Nate added this to the agenda :

We need to hire people
1 expo (QA)
1 host/hostess/phone/drive up orders 3 runners

Guest chef brings volunteers for the prep and cooking or we would also need to hire 1 prep cook
1 assistant cook

We’re making enough to afford to hire help, if we don’t it’s not going to be sustainable. I wont be able to help every time

1. Michael Mikaskel concerning document signing for loan … to pay the irs
Bruce talked to an insurance agent … if you sign as a board officer you are not liable. Lawyer Eric Kirk confirms the organization is liable … not the individual board members… Note avoid signing “gaurenteerer us in theory,,,

***Sonya notes that we are incorporated …
Sonya inquires about the loan …
We were denied the load because we did not have a guarantee signer/s for the loan Dno insurance …. Should cover us in theory
Mr Kirk ask him:
Sonya makes a move that Steve signs sba loan as representative and treasurer.

Dusty no loan … we cannot do big shows.. We should not get more into debt
Bruce thinks we can make enough money with dinners to qualify for a small loan to pay the irs… Steve is considering puttinghis name on the loan.
Can the sba loan be signed as a guaranteeor for the Mateel ***CLARITY?? From needed lawyers. Steve giving Sonya back up about the ppp loan possibilities…

2.office notes … check for water bill needs to be signed… Small ven fundraiser entry we entered to win

Nicole Babette Protocol for contacting

Discussion … dinners ,,,
Hiring volunteers for some of the positions Letter in to the Independent
Lets hire Tiffane to sign up volunteers

Dusty …. Burner and Chris …. What is the deal with money???

video done 30 minutes music … we need to be an onscreen appeal to the public of what we want we have 10 minutes to fill also what words we want on the screen ….can we take short videos

3. Note: outsourcing when contacting Pleasure first as she is on the personal committee.

Rob is going to do a kmud show!!! Nicole will contact Tiffane

4. 5.

Closed session

Legal and Personnel matters

End of Meeting: Review

Who needs to do what?