July 17, 2018

No Comments Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Present: Megan, Anna, Dusty, Andrea, Eryn, Pleasure, Garth, Bruce (late), Steven (late)

Absent: None.

Staff: None.

Start: 5:42pm.

Last-minute additions to agenda:

  • Cleaning

Review & approval of June minutes:

  • Dusty motions to approve. Andrea seconds. None opposed.

Public Comment:

  • Jama: congratulations on pulling off SAMF so well. (Couldn’t come last month.) Wish you huge luck with this next adventure. Don’t know if anyone has spoken with Katie McGuire about her injuries? Yes, Bruce has.
  • Sonia: disappointed that Bruce went up to Arcata and didn’t see any Mime Troupe posters up, can we get some up there? Megan will do that.
  • Cynthia Click: KMUD Manager, who to work with on Halloween Boogie? Has set a date with Cha. October 26th. Also no one from HT or Mateel has responded to our request for info on Reggae. Eryn will contact her. Dusty talked to Jimmy last week and Michael McKaskle.

Office Report:

  • Community Cornerstone: want to rent our parking lot. Need to measure our lot and figure out which way they can park, whether we have the space, and which way they would need to park. Eryn will measure tomorrow.
  • Arthur Family needs to be an additional insurer. Eryn has been working on the insurance. Needs to connect with Cha. Right now we have our insurance for the event. Trying to see if they’ll provide their own coverage, or pay us for our coverage and as a producer. We already have Candy on ours.
  • DHHS: Want to know about us doing emergency services. Just need to do a site survey. Cha will arrange.
  • KMUD needs help with talent for the Boogie as mentioned in public comment.
  • Quarterly show KMUD, August 8th. Eryn, Bruce, Anna.
  • Doesn’t have anyone for lights for Katchafire. Approach Eric?

New Business:


  • Co-promote.
  • Concerned as treasurer that the show’s going to lose money. Only ten tickets sold in the outlets as of a few days ago. Only 30 sold online 2 days ago.
  • The problem is that our contract isn’t specific with Thomas. Don’t know that he is going to want to cancel, as he’s paid for a block of time for them to tour.
  • It’s possible he will want to cancel due to low sales, he’s done it before.
  • Dusty will check with him.
  • We can’t afford a loss.
  • Would he be willing to cover the costs if he really wants to go forward?
  • Parking rentals: covered in office report.
  • Quarterly Mateel radio show 8/8 on KMUD: covered in office report.


  • Long story short, we have the option to take a co-promote of Jr. Gong for the date we’d planned for the Hoedown. Oct. 6. Crazy expensive ticket. Potentially no band behind him. Hmm.
  • Can we find another date? Let’s look into that.
  • Total cost? Co-pro, they want us to cover advertising, security, lights , sound? and box office. What do we get? Nothing, just the bar.


  • Cleaning party after Reggae.
  • Offer April more hours?

Old Business:

Reggae on the River Updates:

  • Our CUP hearing we had a condition that said we needed to supply contracts for all emergency services two weeks prior to event. All are done and are being sent out tomorrow.
  • Bridge going in Thursday, completed by Friday.
  • Less than 5 coord. that don’t have contracts. 95% done with all of it.
  • Almost every coordinator was hired except for security and stage lighting crew.
  • HT is doing SM for the stage. Pretty much everything to do with money and booking and the stage itself. Almost everything besides that is the same. Security is an outside company, communications too.
  • Sherry: public comment. Upset that Dan wasn’t hired, as well as herself. Some discussion about attempts made to complete a contract with Dan. Sherry was not communicated with one way or another by HT, which is disappointing.
  • Change is hard, it’s not our show anymore. It’s theirs now. It’s hard to see some of the forefathers leaving. Tears have been shed.
  • Payment Demands/ Worst-case Scenarios:
  • End of the year meeting. List of choices at that point, post-Reggae.

Committee Reports:


  • Greenway have forgiven their debt. Steve Salzman. Dusty spoke with him. Approximately $4K.
  • Just Rent It did the same. Approximately $4K.
  • Fast turnaround for reimbursement for the bridge permit.
  • ABC permit and conditional use fees remain. Expect to get reimbursed tomorrow.
  • About to pay the CHP that we owed from SAMF. Will knock our balance way down in the account. We don’t have a lot of money. Discrepancy? Maybe the year before, not this year. Looked into that, didn’t appear to have been a discrepancy after all.
  • Believe everyone has been paid. SAMF was successful.
  • Eryn and Anna will prepare a press release about SAMF and current state of things. Hopefully this week.
  • Paid the school district in full.
  • Eryn will update the list of debts and get it to the board.


  • Eric agreed to move out by September 3 (30 days).
  • Some question of whether he is staying until October or not.
  • In 60 days he has to pay rent.
  • We will be renting that house eventually. Will need some work done in there probably.
  • Will still work our events and be paid instead of work exchange.
  • Start advertising for renters in September. Internet not included. No dogs. Cats allowed.

Building/Hall Report:

  • Working on getting the oven fixed.


  • End of the year fundraising party – Andrea? Start thinking about that. Mateel Forever event.
  • Old-Growth Appreciation meeting needs to be planned for after Reggae.
  • Vend/Bar for a block party sort of event in Alderpoint eventually? Possibly.
  • Andy Barnett:
  • New Rotary President. New project: providing designer nonalc beverage alternative at the events. Movie nights. Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Suggesting that here at the Mateel might be a good idea, good behavior & activities for the youth who don’t drink. Any kind of arrangement that you guys would feel is equitable.
  • Basil lemonade, etc. Try to avoid corn syrup, use cane sugar. Ginger Peach Mango Tea. Spicy Chai. Price point: $3 or 2 for $5. Kombucha? Maybe. There’s been requests at other Mateel events. Does contain a small amount of alcohol.
  • Stephen Marley. August 14th. Maybe too close to another event for them.
  • Collie Buddz. September 3rd.
  • Missoula Children’s Theatre. September 15th.

Events & Talent:

  • Need to find another date.
  • October 13th – wedding but unconfirmed. Let’s call them and see what’s happening with that.
  • Entered closed session at 7pm.