January 2020

No Comments Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Mateel Board of Directors Public Meeting  Jan 21, 2020 5:30 pm

Board Present -Eryn- Pleasure- Nate- Megan- Dusty- Bruce- D Dan- Babette- John – Nicole

Absent– Steven Helliwell

  Community Members Present: Cody from Pineapple Express, Kelly Lincoln, Jama Chaplin

  • RE: previous minutes.  When corrected D Dan will forward them to Justine for publishing on website.
  • Friday TRY program needs a director.  Discussion of the 2 applicants and other possibilities, how best to publicize our need.  Justine’s in Washington so nothing has been done. Babette will work on fundraising. We should be having a monthly newsletter and some press releases!
  • Cody from Pineapple Express showed up to announce she’s buying her own refrigerator for her use only would still need access to freezers.  Begs us not to raise the rent– agrees to pay $1300 for Feb. & March. She will be starting back here  February 19th with the trailer; the truck is in the repair shop. Her stuff and our stuff are all tangled up together—Pleasure, Eryn and Bruce will come in tomorrow to deal with this.
  • Nicole announces that a play structure has been donated  to the Mateel—will this require insurance? 
  • There was a discussion of details around the KMUD Appreciation event on Jan 26th, 2020.
  • And the Vocality event on Feb.18th, plus other shows and events.
  • The candidate forum on Feb 5, 2020.
  • TRY youth-  needs 2 people before and after for setting up and cleaning up.  This whole program is funded by concession sales at Summer Arts. It would be easier to get a grant after we get the program up and running!
  • There’s a flurry because people are having a hard time HEARING.  The tables set in a U will improve that!
  • Jama presents questions about  pay salaries. 
  • Dusty moves to hire Eryn as our booking agent and to manage events. Details of this are not necessary yet as we are just entertaining this possibility… Pleasure 2nds, board is unanimous.
  • Eryn points out that ROTR event site is still being debated.
  • We need the High Times dissolution in writing and our lawyer is still working on it—so far we have only email confirmation, verbal and a press release!  This document is necessary to protect our trademark. We have got our website back . Millions flow into the community from this event.
  • John Bruno, Nicole Devine and Pleasure Strange are welcomed on to the next term of the board.
  • Tiphain wants to do TaiChi/Chikung daily.  She will check in with Charity so it doesn’t interfere with on going events.
  • Alicia of the Taco Truck is wanting to rent the kitchen for  $35/hr parking fee, MWF, 2 hrs each day.
  • Discussion about having an indoor winter farmers market – Ashley 
  • We must beware of Conflicts in the Kitchen!!  This is discussed for a while… mid mornings are free if we rent to a second food truck. PE is on site loading truck at that time, so there should be no conflict with kitchen space. 

 Moved into a closed board session

  • Written up by A, then presented to D and from him to the Board.