January 2019

No Comments Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Present: Dusty, Stephen, Garth, Anna, Pleasure, Bruce, Eryn (late)

Absent: Megan, Annie


Start: 5:33pm.

Last-minute additions to agenda:


Review and approval of November & December minutes:

Two small edits: November: Bruce was present; December: re-word building notes about tents being returned to be more clear that they rented tents and not the container. Changes made.

Review and approval of November minutes:

Bruce motions, Stephen seconds. All in favor – Pleasure abstains from December.

Public comment period:

Jama: I’m a long-time member. Is there an agenda we can look at? Was considering whether to say anything since we have massive problems – it’s a small thing. Came here for an event for KMUD prep – lot less plates and mugs and silverware in the kitchen. COuldn’t hardly find any silverware. April said oh I think that disappeared with the Christmas dinner event. Asked Brian, said there wasn’t any when they got there for that.

Dusty: Large percentage may be down in the catering container which was organized prior to cleaning out the kitchen. Fair amount of plates down there, some silverware. Don’t know if it’s the ones missing form the kitchen. Babette can get in there.

Dust-Off: Wanted to respond with the following:

“To the Community,

The Mateel Community Center would like to state that all activities on the river bar pertaining to Reggae on the River 2018 were approved, inspected, and in accordance with the permit issued by the county of Humboldt for the event. The permit and permit hearing, as well as, the communications to all agencies involved in the permit are public record. The Mateel is endeavoring to be stewards of the Eel River. This year over 800 tadpoles and frogs were relocated prior to bridge install. The Dust Off in question was applied only where allowable, it was not applied to roads or graded areas located on the gravel bars, or within waters of the state. The rain catchment pond onsite assures that the event is water neutral, with 100% forbearance. The Eel River is our home and we will always follow the environmental laws of the county of Humboldt and the state of California.

Thank you, Mateel Board of Directors”

This is in response to Ed Voice’s email.

Office Notes:

List of upcoming events:

Jan 18: Baby Cham

Jan 27: KMUD Annual Meeting

Mon Feb 4: The Green

Friday Feb 8: BOD training at Healy Senior Center

Feb 14: Redway School PTA fundraiser dessert and wine auction

Wed Mar 6: Chamber of Commerce event

Mar 16: Rental

Mar 24: Rap show: SOB X RBE

New Business

Media Manager:

We need one. Public outreach position.

If we can find the right person, we could maybe fund it – Steve-O? Let’s talk to him again.

Some holes in our game. Anna and Eryn are doing social media. But from a production standpoint, we need to fill that position. Asked Justine if she would come back for 5 months – Feb-Jul. Propose that we re-hire for 4 hours a week in February.

Tanya has reached out to me and is concerned that sponsors might not get the attention they deserve without someone in that position.

How will we pay this person? Sponsorship money and vendor fees for SAMF.

Could we hire an ED who could also do this?

That’s a longer-term hire that we do need, but should take more time with that. Not in the budget.

Steve-O’s thing was for a Development/Fundraiser.

SAMF media manager is already in the budget.

Dedicated fundraiser: pay with percentage.

Hire Justine as media manager for 4 hours a week. Eryn will make an MOU with start date and end date and run it by the board.

Old Business


Eryn is doing Talent – with the committee. Might need an assistant from the committee.

Agnes would be good for that.

Haven’t heard back about our bid for talent package.

Bid on Natalie Rise. Haven’t heard back.

Got a local regional band nailed down: The Real Sarahs.

Possible artist for artwork: Laci Dane. Let’s make the title of the event the focus.

Festival Manager:

3 people have expressed interest: Shiloh, Alisha and Annie. Hardest permit from SAMF is the one Shiloh’s already doing. He wants to do it. Address Code of Conduct in his MOU. His lieutenant would take over traffic control. Dan Whyte? He wasn’t pulling permits, was he? Some question about that. Annie would need a lot of training. Keep her on Admissions.

Bruce motions, Pleasure seconds hiring Shiloh as Festival Manager.

Radio questions: they were in the office for several months. They were there after Dan left.

Linchpin is going to be paying 2017 monies to Highway Patrol. Less large obstacles in the way this year than last year. Still definitely vendors that will want to see payment in advance including the park, port-a-potties.

Talked to Action Rental today, we owe them $3K. Called them and offered our stage. Politely declined – they’re going out of business. Selling all their assets. There’s not going to be a local provider of tents other than the Party Place. Would be great to pay them. Would they forgive our debt? Need to reserve tents immediately from Party Place.

Public Comment: Kelley: note for admissions: where the sponsors packets, gift bags, etc. is. Always a handful of stragglers. Came to Kelley, took them over to Will Call – response from Admissions was negative. Kelley ended up handling them instead to make them happy.

Asked Kelley about how to handle large amount of arriving attendees: more aprons the better. Or digitizing the list.

Cha should order the ticket scanners this year.

Committee Reports


Met last Thursday. Not a lot to update.

We’re getting to a point where we can really consider applying for a loan, so that’s progress. Made our projections for this year, finishing a projection for 2020. With that info, we’ll be able to see how far and what else needs to be done to apply for the loan.

Business strategy portion of it. Narrative of what we’re going to be doing, to go along with the numbers we’re presenting. Meeting again Thursday night, hoping to finish the financials by then and draft budget. Will send to HAF so they can take a look – not an actual app yet. get feedback and then look at the application part of that which will need board approval. Two schools of thought on how much we’re asking for. Most likely they’ll want to make a loan for the larger amount, rather than just a portion. May ask for matching community funds. May need to raise matching funds. Unfortunately the bind we’re in as a community organization is that we’re really not ready to publicize a lot of this – it doesn’t make it easier for us to do so. We’ve already gotten in trouble for talking about it publicly. This process has really helped us form our budget and narrow it down.

The Arthurs were paid by HT, and Candy billed them for late fees and interest and they paid that too. They also paid the school district in full. They also paid the Reggae Festival Guide person in full. Have also been invited to submit old invoices (Ipo, PG&E, etc.) PG&E at site: stays on year round: very low, $22/month when it isn’t being used.

Need to address bar monies. Let it go? Address in 2019? Pay us as a concessionaire this time. Need to present our numbers for it and see what they say. If they don’t pay, then ask about 2019.

We’ll have an Ops plan within a month.

Renewed our insurance: doesn’t include Reggae. $7K.

Are they hiring a local festival manager?

Audit? Amie sent out an email. We got an extension for 60 days. We need to pay the down payment for the accountant to get started on it in less than a month’s time. Deposit is $4,500. No later than February 15. Other 50% due at filing, March 15.

Need to sell that extra board – needs to be listed. Eryn has a possible lead on a studio that might be interested. Eryn will make up a spec email to send out if someone wants to try to sell it. Dusty says Bones would help with that.



Building/Hall Report

Pulled the stage out for WAF. While it was out, Bruce and our new tenant, Andrew, and Alex stripped and waxed the floor. Had two wakes for community members with the stage out. Was decorated amazingly. Put the stage back in. Went to the dump.

Need more committee members and more regular meetings here at the hall. Need to make a list and phone people and get it going. I think we can come up with what we need to do fixes through donations. Going to step it up.

Who took the sponsor banners down? April will know. Probably taken down for the memorial.

Fixed the sink plumbing.


Nothing to report.

Events & Talent

Saturday April 6, Wyclef Jean. Co-production.


389 ballots were mailed, 6 ballots were returned by PO, 1 invalid. 102 ballots were returned.


Daniel Lawrence 52 votes

Babette Bach 51 votes

Nate Miller 37 votes

Garth: closing statement.

Anna: closing statement.

Annie: not present.

Seat New Board Members: Nate Miller, Daniel Lawrence, and Babette Bach.

End: 7:11pm.