Mateel Comedy Cabaret

Jan. 13th: Mateel Comedy Cabaret

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Where: Mateel Community Center – 59 Rusk Lane, Redway

When: Friday, January 13th. Doors open at 8:00pm. Show starts at 8:30pm.

Cost: $10 cover at the door.

Contact: Mateel Community Center. (707) 923-3368. office@mateel.org, Tony Persico. (707) 502-9656. av.persico@gmail.com

Mateel Community Center presents their monthly Comedy Cabaret. The funniest comedians from both far and near come together each month to bring you the very best stand-up comedy in Humboldt County.

Who is Featured: January features two of the very best comedians from the Bay Area – Daymon Ferguson and Iris Benson. Joining them is Humboldt’s own Kim Hodges.

Daymon Ferguson Bio:

Daymon Ferguson hails from Hell. Or rather, Oroville California, where he was born into a white trash tradition that he’s been trying to escape ever since. High school brought the impetus Daymon needed to become a comedian—he announced to his tenth grade drama teacher that he would one day become a stand-up comic. He got right on that, too. A mere twenty years later, here he is! But first he had to take care of a few other careers—Daymon has been a diesel truck mechanic, pizza delivery guy, forklift mechanic, waiter, racecar driver, ditch digger, exotic dancers’ bodyguard, and lawyer. All of which have helped prepare him for a career standing up in front of a bunch of people, sharing his most intimate feelings and telling jokes about genitals.  Ten years of work as a lawyer taught Daymon to truly despise lawyers. Since making the decision to quit law for comedy, he’s started to feel his soul growing back. It kind of itches.

When he’s not telling jokes, Daymon likes to tempt the fates that have let him live for the last 35 years. He flies small planes, scuba dives, is an avid hiker/backpacker and pretends to be a medieval warrior by putting on 50 pounds of plate metal and running around in the blazing sun getting hit by big men with sticks. He is also an actor, a half-assed guitar player, and an avid wine connoisseur. (But please don’t call him a wine geek—he prefers the far more dignified “cork dork.”) He’ll pay $100 for a bottle of wine. But in beer he is true to his white trash roots—he refuses to spend more than $6 on a 12-pack. Daymon lives in San Jose, California with his lovely wife, his lovely daughters, his dog, cats, some hate filled love birds, and a bunch of fussy, demanding, and emotionally abusive houseplants. Daymon is a regular at clubs all over the country and has been a featured performer in the Laugh Your Ashville Off and Laughing Skull comedy festivals.

Website – You Tube Video

Iris Benson Bio:

Iris Benson is a comedian because no other profession will have her and that includes drug dealing and prostitution. Since her comedy debut in 2011 she’s garnered such praise as “bleak and honest,” “pleasantly dark,” “wonderfully weird” and “pretty good for a woman” by no one worth mentioning.

Glenn Sumi of Toronto Now described her as “least likeable”, “angry” and “misanthropic” to which her best friend’s husband, Clint, retorted via Facebook “He doesn’t like angry and misanthropic comics? – so he’s missing out on George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Dennis Leary, Lewis Black, Roseanne Barr……pretty much all my favorite comics.”

Fellow comic Mean Dave says of her, “She is a very sweet person and a funny comedian who I relate to very much. And she once drove a table of Mormons away with one fell swoop of an anal sex joke simply cuz {sic} she didn’t know that’s how young Mormon girls preserve their virginity.” and comic and author Steve Mix says, “Warn your children about Iris Benson…before it is too late.” Iris has performed all over the United States. 

Website – You Tube Video

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