February 2019

No Comments Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Hughston dusty@mateel.org to board, me 2/19/19 Nate, megan, dusty, Bruce, dan   Jama re: kmud block party, trent rental,  yes we can provide.. need to be additionally insured   Samf * lgl and strip $ failure to interface as of 2/20.. now all good.. 40 vendors confirmed   Shiloh festival coordinator   Kelly Lincoln wants to talk to ht about artist check in at rotr 2019… agrees to work samf artist check in   Direct ask for volunteers use coordinators list for more input   Justine public noticed via social for monthly meetings..    kym kemp add? Send out mission statement to membership   Tiphane home economics and kids after school 1-5 wed? Possibly… mateel open to the community   Offer Events for people we owe money to.. bridge loan   Southern humboldt working together,  non profit group   Vision statement.. rework emphasis on ” ”   Dusty makes motion “to create working group to open building on a TBD day specially created towards afterschool program” dan seconds.. unanimous approval Youth@mateel.org Tiphain.lioness@gmail Sandbarrious@icloud Board@mateel   Need to contact redway school after school program summer young   Need to create Finance@mateel.org eryn, Stephen,  Nate,  garth,  amie, babette,  Michael McCaskill   Committees ET 1st Thursdays Building. Weds every other..2nd …and 4th Membership. Quarterly Finance. Weekly  Policy and bylaw.  Once per year  Personnel. As needed   Look into Potential subsidiary for profit co. To help revenue.. production costs vs earning   Statement for potential law suite re alisha   Closed session