December 2019

No Comments Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes


Pleasure- D Dan- Dustin- Eryn- Babette

No public present, except for A, and later, Corey…

Dusty moves to accept minutes from the last public board meeting, Eryn 2nds, U.

Discussion of staffing for Cup on the 4th. There will be displays but no sales.

D Dan is thanked for MCing the radio program.  It is agreed that we have good candidates! A discussion of their various merits ensues. Then a discussion of the permitting necessary for cannabis events….

Anna arrives.

Now we discuss the budgeting for Winter Arts advertising, a must! Ashley will come up with fotos of vendor booths and inventory for online advertising.  We better lock her in for Summer Arts!, and offer her Reggae.

Now we discuss when to hold Winter Arts.  The weekend after Txgiving looks pretty good, it’s clear—28 & 29 November.  As far as dates go, we’d better announce Reggae on the River even though we haven’t decided on a location.  

We need to reestablish our website after High Times made such a mishmash of it—we want it to be as it was before, with posters and foto gallery, just updated.  Get Justine to launch it on 1stJanuary.  Our legal dissolution from/with them is as good as done and is no longer an issue.  

Ashley shows up, says all want the original dates for RotR—1 & 2 August; for Winter Arts, the 2ndweekend of December. We nail her down for Summer Arts. She pushes to hold RotR at the Community Park; there is a discussion about how much equipment we have, what is needed. The lawn stage could have different dancers than provided by Dieago; how about Capoeira, Kudama, skateboards, etc.? And workshops, kites & hoops, and play in the open space.

Shiloh got us intern paperwork… how about we get interns from Humboldt State?

We discuss painting the walls behind the stage—what color, maroon? Red?  Black?

At this point 7:15pm DnA leave…