December 18, 2018

No Comments Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Present: Megan, Anna, Bruce, Garth, Eryn

Absent: Pleasure, Stephen, Dusty, Annie

Staff/Public: Kelley.

Start: 6:07pm.

Last-minute additions to agenda:


Review and approval of October minutes:

Garth motions, Bruce seconds. All in favor.

Review and approval of November minutes:

N/A: delayed until January.

Public comment period:


Staff Notes:

  • Cha will be working Wed Dec 19, not Fri the 21st or Tue the 25, but will be back in the office the 28th. Closed 21st-27th.
  • Ballots are due 31st by 4pm, or post-marked by 31st. By mail or hand-delivery. Ballots are coming in in a steady stream.
  • Christmas dinner on Christmas Day.

January Events:

  • Jan 5th: memorial
  • Jan 12th: memorial
  • Cham concert: January 18th. Future Productions.
  • Hold for possible Community Revival benefit on the 19th, for Redwood Roots.
  • KMUD’s annual meeting, Jan 27.

February Events:

  • Ineffable, “The Green”, Feb 4.
  • Redway PTA has a rental for Valentine’s Day.

New Business:

Event ideas:

  • Using footage and doing an un-birthday of Reggae: March 4. Stream footage on the screen. Eat, talk, dance. Showcase good moments?
  • Poker fundraiser? Teaching the game/tournament
  • Local bands? Community jam?
  • Second Sunday: open house?
  • Events & Talent Committee schedule a meeting and schedule a regular music event? Eryn doesn’t think it’s going to be productive. Fundraising committee? Maybe partner with another non-profit?
  • Tiffane’s idea: Aretha Franklin tribute. February 16th. Couple with a member’s banquet.
  • Workshops? Put a call out for teachers. Anna will post something. Send to Goran too for website.
  • Cannabis Community Awards: can anyone attend? We’ve been nominated for an award.
  • Anna: send Christmas PR and graphic to Goran.

Old Business:

  • Mixing boards have not been posted for sale yet. One interested party offered $1000, but we said no.

Committee Reports:


  • Paid $3,000 to accountant. Talked about audit. Already on our second extension. January 15th. Right after New Year’s, we’ll apply for another extension. We owe $9,000 for the audit.
  • Charity’s opening the bills now instead of Amie – Amie is only in once a week and is prioritizing our debt.
  • Canceling the finance meeting this Thursday, need to reschedule.
  • High Times paid the Arthurs. Are on for 2019 ROTR.
  • Have not paid the school district: approx. $17K. We’ll take up that next. Not a Mateel bill, but we want to see the school get paid.
  • HT really needs to hire a local festival coordinator.


  • We need to hire a Volunteer Coordinator for SAMF. We do have a Vendor Coordinator. Need a festival coordinator and a sponsor coordinator.

Building/Hall Report:

  • Tents are back in the container that the rotary rented during the WAF weekend for the fire event.
  • Have been updating the marquee regularly.
  • Fixing potholes.
  • Cleaned the gutter.
  • Fixed the fireplace and got that working.
  • Bruce has shelf strips and can re-shelf the fridges. Eryn knows where to order the shelf clips.


  • Re-upped our subscription to Little Green Light for another year.
  • Membership fundraiser/Aretha Franklin event.

Events & Talent:

  • Covered above.

End 6:53pm.