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March 13th: Cannabis Farmer’s Workshop Series

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What: A workshop designed to provide resources for regional farmers to come into compliance with state, regional and local laws!
When: Sunday, March 13th, 2016 / 11am to 4:30pm
Where: Mateel Community Center
Tickets: A Free Event

The Cannabis Farmer’s Workshop Series

Learn how to Grow Green and Grow Legal at the Cannabis Farmers Workshop brought to you by EPIC, Mad River Alliance, Humboldt Green and California Growers Association. Hear directly from the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board and Department of Fish and Wildlife how to participate with California water quality and wildlife laws; learn the steps necessary to be permitted under Humboldt County’s Marijuana Land Use Ordinance; and find out how to implement best management practices, with presentations by Pacific Watershed Associates and Hightide Permaculture, to ensure legal compliance. Attendees receive a 2016 Compliance Handbook. Presentations begin at 11am and end at 4:30pm

After the workshop, stay and hang out with a concert by Object Heavy from 5-7pm! Food available by Simmered Down. Free to the public.


Visit Facebook Page for more info.

About the Workshops

Cannabis thrived without regulation for decades. The time has now come for it to thrive with regulation. We need to help bring farmers into compliance. To assist with this task, the Environmental Protection Information Center and the Mad River Alliance are partnering with Humboldt Green, California Growers Association and the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District to host a series of six workshops across the county with presentations by the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, Department of Fish and Wildlife, and experts on state and county laws.

The Cannabis Farmer’s Workshop SeriesCalifornia is ushering a new paradigm for legal, commercial cannabis cultivation. As a result of unregulated cannabis activities, our forests, watersheds and communities have suffered from overexploitation. Recently developed state laws, regional programs and local ordinances now govern how and where cannabis can be grown. These new laws are an opportunity to bring unregulated activities into compliance, to improve environmental conditions, to bring tax dollars into our communities, and to transform an underground economy into a contributing sector of the local and state economies.

Clear rules and legal structures are in place-now it is time for farmers and land managers to gain the knowledge necessary to make the transition to become legal businesses that protect vital natural resources.

This is where Mad River Alliance and the Environmental Information and Protection Information Center (EPIC) step in–to help community members navigate the complex regulatory process for commercial cultivation of medical cannabis. We are collaborating with Humboldt Green, California Growers Association, and Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District to bring Northern California a series of five Cannabis Farmers Compliance Workshops designed to provide the necessary resources for regional farmers to take steps to come into compliance with state, regional and local laws.

Workshop Details: Grow Green, Grow Legal…

  • Learn how to get into legal compliance and grow your cannabis business
  • Presentations by the Regional Water Quality Control Board, Department of Fish and Wildlife, and experts on Humboldt County cannabis laws
  • Gain knowledge on how to apply specific practices to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Connect with people who can help you get on the path that will allow you to create a compliant business in 2016
  • Attendees receive a 2016 Compliance Handbook

Additional Cannabis Farmers Compliance workshops will be held on the following dates at the following locations:

2/28/16 Mad River-Mad River Grange in Blue Lake
3/19/16 Trinity River-Willow Creek Golf Course
4/3/16 Mattole River-Mattole Grange
4/17/16 Eureka-Redwood Acres Fairgrounds

Additional Information

For more info visit the official Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/Cannabis-Farmers-Workshop-Series-452485804936250/ or call (707) 822-7711