Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Feb. 21st 2024

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Mateel Community Center

Public Board Meeting Minutes

February 21 @ 6 p.m.   Location: MCC Hall, 59 Rusk Lane, Redway or by Google Meet

Board of Directors Public Meeting

Wednesday February 21,2024· 6:00 – 8:00pm

Time zone: America/Los_Angeles

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Current 9 Board Members: 

President Pleasure Strange *Babette Bach Mo Vionnet*
Treasure Nate Miller *Secretary Julia Ralsten*Shannon T*
Lonny WhitlowVice president Christy Augustine*John Bruno*

In Attendance: =* by name

Public attendees- Nick, Elena

Meeting Called to Order at: 



  1. Public agenda items- 
  2. Public comments- Shiloh Notes that he is having trouble with getting on to the board meeting, he suggests having it more accessible. 
  3. Committees Updates- Membership committee update: all member renewals have been sent out and we received 18 back. Shannon suggests that we get  QR code for members to renew their membership. -Building committee had to mitigate a flooding issue, dirt removal is still needed. 
  4. Staff Update- Elena is busy taking phone calls, and getting volunteers in order for ROTR24 volunteers. Working on contracts for upcoming rentals. –
  5. Marketing Update- Nick there we possibly be one more artist release. We are at good ticket sales for ROTR24, though we are in a slow sales moment. We have also slowed down on the marketing as we don’t currently have the funding. But we plan to ramp up twice before the festival 
  6. ROTR Update- Alisha & Nate-     Cannabis zone- we will be partnering with canna fest. Security- she has gotten 2 bids from outside the area companies, it seems a little to alot out of our budget, it is currently a work in progress.               Bathrooms- B&B is getting out of the festival business, About 30,000 for the new company. Marissa mentions that the new company is worth it. Other festivals have paid more.                  -Impact fee, would be 50 for volunteers, most of the other festivals charge a deposit and an impact fee.      -shiloh mentions that you don’t get good working volunteers when they have to pay.         -alot of things in the works are coming up. A lot more to happen once security is finalized.          -Shiloh mentions he would like to put bids in for Traffic Parking, and Security. -coordinators will be emailed soon. 

Old Business:

  1. First aid and CPR training for all board and staff-  Most of the Staff and board members got their CPR certificates last weekend.
  2.  Set policy and bylaw meeting with all board – no tabling this item
  3. SAMF- Venue – Fiance committee dived into the venue options CLR vs. The community park. CLR will be a 20,000 dollar loss, even with removing camping and a few things. Having it at the Park will possibly save us some money Due to a few things such as Payroll, and other things like fire protection.           – Finance committee’s recommendation is that CLR is too risky, it is not a Financial option, and we don’t have enough time. As for the park, we also don’t have enough time to set the park, but we should set it up this year so it is streamlined for next year. The final recommendation is to have SAMF24 at the Hall this year and work on the park this year. Lonnie seconds this opinion especially because of his meeting with the Park board members last week.-Shiloh has asked to see the CLR budget. – shiloh points, lots of saving possible for multiple shows in the same spot, keeping a show in the same spot builds reputation with the community, and historically SAMF has made more money than ROTR. 
  4. ****VOTE******Nate makes a Motion the have SAMF24 at the hall, and make sure that the Park is ready for 25. All here in favor except Lonnie obstains. 
  5.  finance meeting had  discussion, they approve a show that Eyrn proposed september 22nd 
  6. We had good Kmudd show last week Pleasure, Shannon, Nate, and julia 
  7. ?

New Business: 

  1. Fill open Seat –  filled with Julia Ralsten
  2. Vote for Officers – : President Pleasure Vice Presdent Christy Treasurer Nate  Secretary Julia 
  3. Next KMUD in June- ask about switch the month so we can talk about SAMF
  4. Kmud memorial day parade participation; due we want to make a float? What kind of float? Who wants to do it? It is May 25th. Lonnie suggests advertising for reggae on the river and possibly giving out a prize for the best reggae oriented floats. 
  5. Day for Bylaws and policy committee meeting date will be decided. 

Up-coming Events: at the Mateel Hall

  1. Get fit sohum T and TH 6:30 am to 7:30am.
  2. Free movie February 23🎥 night- Peter & Wendy 5pm followed by The Never Ending Story 7pm Movie is coming up this friday. 
  3. Soup-a- palooza February 24 coming up this saturday, we have 13ish contestants. Firewood is needed, it sounds like shannons to be brother in law will help out. 
  4. Open Mic 🎤 every first Monday of the month starting at 7 pm
  5. Wailaki Meeting Great Redwood Trail February 25 1pm-4pm
  6. Ganjasauris-Rex Free Movie Showing &  Burlesque is submitting budget for show on March 23 during closed session
  7. 420 festival, 4/20 Shannon was asked if Green Ox would set up a lounge, he responded with a yes. 

Meeting Adjourned At: 7:49