Board of Directors Meeting Minutes March 20, 2024

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Public Board Meeting Minutes


Date / Time:March. 20, 2024 @ 6pmLocation:MCC Hall, 59 Rusk Lane, Redway or by Google Meet
Board of Directors Public MeetingWednesday, March 20 · 6:00 – 8:00pmTime zone: America/Los_AngelesGoogle Meet joining infoVideo call link: myOr dial: ‪(US) +1 209-850-2447‬ PIN: ‪172 819 585‬#More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/aqh-aiqe-fjt?pin=3161718047631

Current Board Members: 

Pleasure Strange (Prez)*Babette Bach *Mo Vionnet*
Nate Miller (Trez)*Shanon T*Lonnie W*
Julia Ralsten (Sec)*Christy Augustine(VP)*John Bruno*

Meeting Called to Order at: 

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Quorum established :

Announcements: 3 minutes each

  1. Board Announcements:
  2. Committee Announcements: Membership committee: we have 12 new members for the year, and quite a few renewals . Shannon mentions that the sign needs to be looked at and the contrast adjusted. Dinning has met a few times, Babette has gotten donations and such, some to be used at the 30th or 420.  ENT  Eyrn has move forward with a poster,  the ENT meeting will be this next Tues at the brass rail 5 pm. Everything is going smoothly and moving along.  We have reached 900+ ticket sales for reggae, there have been a few ganjasaurus rex tickets sold also. Shannon suggests sharing a banner space with cannifest like the handbills that have been printed recently. Building there are quite a few things that need to be addressed, especially siding and railings. 
  3. Public Announcements: George brings up the vendor price, he suggests a reduction in the price so it’s easier for local vendors to pay for the application. Kind of like local students and out of state students at colleges. Shannon suggests having a scholarship-like situation where locals can apply for a reduced fee. Babette suggests that they could do an in-kind trade. Nick mentioned that the value of the booth and parking space are worth the price alone. 
  4. Public Agenda Items to add:
  5. Office and staff updates- Elena 3 days in the office are pretty full, one printer needs a repair and the other one is on its leg. This coming weekend will be pretty busy. We have quite a few things coming up at the hall this spring, refer to the calendar. Colm is still doing hall cleaning, days have changed. 
  6. Pleasure notes that Soup-a-polooza was fun and 
  1. ****VOTE****** Motion to have SAMF24 at the hall, and make sure that the Park is ready for 25. passes

Old Business: 5 minutes each

Approve minutes: Public Board Meeting Minutes 2.21.2024 and 1.17.24 PUBLIC BOD Minutes Julia Ralsten makes a motion to pass 2.21.24 , Shanon seconds, all here in favor

Pleasure makes a motion to approve the minutes of 1.17.24 Christy seconds and all here in favor. 

New Business: 5-10 minutes each

  1. Lonny mentioned that we could get in on a type of food booth during his 4th of July festival. Christy and Babette are going to set up a menu. 
  2. Public Comments 3 minutes; 

Marisa is excited about the upcoming ROTR and SAMF. Nick asked why we couldn’t do a co-pro for the Andre Nickatina show, it was due to funds. We have a few potential co-pros coming up.

Up-coming Events:

  1. Get fit Sohum T and TH 6:30 am to 7:30am.
  2. G-rex Documentary and cryptid burlesque March 23rd
  3. A Celebration of Music, Art, and Community event/fundraiser March 30th Elena will be meeting soon to get more details. 
  4. Movie Night- Friday April 12th?