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April 20th: 420 World Fest

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420 World Fest is going to be an all-day music event featuring a wide variety of music and amazing musicians. There are 5 bands set to take the stage and grace us with musical talents. The doors open at noon; music will start in the afternoon and go all evening! For only $20 a ticket you will be able to see some awesome music, dance all day, and have a great time. Tickets are available at the following locations:

  • Arcata – People’s Records
  • Eureka – The Works
  • Redway – Redway Liquor and Deli
  • Laytonville – It takes 2 to Tangle
  • Fortuna – Humboldt Threads
  • Willits – Main Street Music and Video
  • Ukiah – Ukiah Natural Foods

Come on down and celebrate 420 So Hum Style! Whatever time you are able to get there…. it’s going to be rockin’!

Camo CowboysCamo Cowboys

The Camo Cowboys are a group of musicians telling stories about the cultural aspects of the Emerald Triangle. We play a variety of styles, everything from Rock to Ragtime. Despite our eclectic choice of musical styles, we consider ourselves folk music, telling tales of the “Triangle” with a lighthearted spin. The Camo Cowboys will play at 4:20 pm!

1-800-BUYMYCD (order by phone) / order onlinewebsiteemail

Maui Pranksters

The Maui Pranksters are a Maui based band that plays psychedelic, jam rock. Mostly Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead related songs. They can be seen touring the mainland playing festivals and venues throughout the Midwest and West Coast or on the beautiful North Shore of Maui at Charley’s in Paia several times a year.

The Good Ol' BoysThe Good Ol’ Boys

The Good Ol’ Boys are a family style band that was sprouted high on the mountains, deep in the heart of the Emerald Triangle. A duet of Geoff Sovich and Alexander Jerome Kent. Two gifted guitar players whose family bonds and Jerry inspiration will take you on a musical journey. Original songs that are rooted in Americana and complex covers with an emphasis on Grateful Dead. Make sure you’re ready to dance when The Good Ol’ Boys show up!

Woven RootsWoven Roots

The music of Woven Roots harmonizes rich roots reggae and dub styles from the deep wilderness of Humboldt County. Inspiration for the powerful lyrics and beats comes from living close to the earth in the beautiful woodlands of the Pacific Northwest. Woven Roots is lead by the melodic vocals of Travis B. and backed by the talents of life-long musicians: Gueren(guitar), Eliam(bass), Alex(keyboards),and Tanasa(drums).Both of their current albums are available online on I-tunes and CDbaby.com:“Storms of Change”, and “Foundation”, which includes their new music video entitled “Amazon”. This young group of musical visionaries are on a quest to create original music using nature as a model of how to maintain the continuity of life on earth. Stepping away from the mainstream path of exploitative and destructive technologies of advanced industrial economies, Woven Roots seeks to use music as a vessel to spread a message of love and understanding for our planets finite resources. With over 60 songs about respect and reciprocity for the natural systems on earth, Woven Roots communicates positive change to achieve environmentally sound methods for providing our basic human needs of food, energy and shelter. Through this truth and wisdom they are using lyrics and sound to spread knowledge of a world free from the fear of ecological apocalypse. Together their hope is for all of us to co evolve toward a better, safer and more prosperous future for our planet.

Mumu Crew

Mumu Crew, featuring Hell Richtor, Ms. Melby, and ‘Murica, features music born by the truth of experience. The all female emcee group pays tribute to independent women everywhere with songs like “Boss Mama” and warns of the dangers of cherry picking with “Nor Cal Gold Digga”. Representing deep ganja culture, sharing framer’s joys and pains, their clever lyrics and catchy hooks paired with hard hitting peats have been enhancing mountain experiences of hard working farmers in Humboldt County and beyond. They have been bringing their sound to the local medical gathering including The Golden Tarps, The Mecca Cup, Cannifest, The Trimmer’s Ball, High Grade Gala, and the Humboldt Glass Harvest Gathering.


Mumu Crew

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