April 2020

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Mateel Community Center

Board Meeting Agenda

April 21, 2020 5:35pm                 Mateel Community Center


Meeting Objectives: 

      Present: (via Zoom) Pleasure, Bruce, Daniel, Stephen, Nicole, Babette, John

      Absent: Dusty, Nate

Time                  Topics                                                                             

   10 min                       Approve minutes from previous meetings

   10 min                       Office Notes

 5-10 min                      Public Comment

   10 min                       Babettes Proposal

   20 min                       Finance

     5 min                       Online video archive

      30 min+                  Committee Reports

                                    – Building

                                    – Finance 

                                    – Membership

                                    – Youth

                                    – Events and Talent

  1. We will need to approve March Minutes in May
  2. Charity has been going onto the office on Fridays to collect mail and clear the answering machine. She has been checking emails and returning calls from home.
  3. No public present due to Covid 19
  4. Babette proposes to have the Mateel open up its doors to help the SHHO, HSC and FRC with food storage in the refrigerator and the possible occasional use of the kitchen. They will pay for the price of utilities. Pleasure has asked Amie for an average of the utilities. If there were to be other people in the hall besides Babette, it would be limited to Patte Rae, Gemini, Michael (from emergency services) and one other. Just to be clear, we are not opening the hall to have any volunteers showing up and lingering around. It is a very limited list of approved people. When in the hall we expect all precautions to be taken and they must sanitize before leaving.
  5. Finance- We did not receive any $ from the first round of emergency funding. We are hoping to get in  on the second round. Thank you to Stephen for working on this diligently. SBA has links to possible grants- Stephen encourages us all to look and see if we can find any other grants available. Also SBA has loans up to $25,000 with a lower interest rate ten HAF, we should discuss this further. Amie is going to reapply for PPE (payroll protection for employees). HAF loan is dead in the water- they want us to set up a payment plan with the IRS before moving forward and the IRS isn’t taking calls right now, so we sit and wait.

Stephen also found out that we own the Canon printer but we are paying a service contract of $75.00 a month. He would like to cancel that service when the contract is up at the end of the month.

  1. Andrew Burnet (Burner) has reached out to the board about putting archival video from years past (SAMF & ROTR) on all our social media sites. Bruce will be in contact with him and see what he is offering. If Burner pute the video together, we can have Justine post it to our website. She has been posting some archive videos already.  We could turn this into a possible Fundraiser for the MCC. 
  2. Nicole would like for everyone to take a picture of yourself with your ROTR and SAMF shirts on and send them to her. She is going to be making a merchandise post and would like to display pictures of everyone wearing them. Also please send her any special pictures that you may have of any ROTR and SAMF, we can make a collage and post it to our social media
  3. We had no committee reports this month. Pleasure will be moving one of the cameras to cover the back drive and she will be checking the batteries in the motion sensor lights on the back top level outside the cabin.

Everyone stay safe and soon we will gather with lots of hugs and smiles

Closed Session

Legal and Personnel matters

End of Meeting:   Review

 Who needs to do what?