April 2019

No Comments Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Tuesday 16 Apr 19, 5:50 pm

D Dan- Dusty- Steve-Meagan-Bruce- Eryn. LATE:  Babette- Nate 6:08

Guests:  A- Tifane- Amy- Garth

Board studies the budget.

Discussion of local matters: addition of pretzels to concessions, renting caretaker unit, KMUD as live broadcaster for Summer Arts , radio ad in north county, Shiloh’s situation, and shuttles.

MOTION:  to accept budget.  Nathan moves, Eryn 2, U.

 Discussion of teen center, classes, legal and fundraising matters.

Amy came!  Intense discussion on all aspects of setting up the Center.

Tifane and the Life Skills Training.  Getting a grant from HAF to cover—they would know which grants would be most suitable for us.

H & HS involvement—the abuse of drugs by parents is causing the most trouble for kids.

BLM has financing for Youth Alive outdoor activities.

So!  The pieces are coming together for the center to open on Friday 26 April. Amy’s on board with this!

Then a discussion with Garth about alcohol at SA and location of booths.

We returned to Center matters, this time about ensuring sufficient bandwidth for kids to be playing online games.

Back to booth locations at SA, in relation to other booths set up in various places.

Bruce gave a brief State of the Building report.

We were given an update on the computer rearrangements also.

Regarding the Mystery of the Padlocked Kitchen door– ???. Bruce cut it off.

Submitted by A to D.