April 17, 2018

No Comments Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Present: Stephen, Pleasure, Garth, Dusty, Eryn, Marcus

Absent: Megan, Anna Bruce

Start: 5:50pm.

Last-minute additions to agenda: N/A

Review and approval of the March minutes: Dusty motions, Eryn seconds. None opposed.

Public comment:

Barb Truitt:

  • Healthcare District Measure F, looking for Mateel endorsement or individual board member endorsement.
  • Measure F is the renewal of parcel tax.
  • Would cover hospital operation cost and maintain essential services
  • Is imperative to healthy community and keeping population numbers up.

Rick Cooper:

  • Funding proposal aimed at community involvement
  • Rebuilding trust crucial for getting donations
  • Create listening session/event with core group of founders listening only
  • Possible HAF speaker for event topic boom and bust economy
  • The “Mateel Minute” on KMUD or press release
  • Verbiage “renewed” what makes different
  • Mateel is critical to healthy community (be needed)
  • Tighten maintain move forward

Staff/Hall Report: (given by Pleasure for Charity)

  • Chicago Bob deal set at $100/wk
  • Roughly $14 per hour reduced rate
  • Pineapple Express wants to pay 1200 per month
  • Hours they need are 42 per week willing to give chi bob rate
  • counter $700 per week
  • Pleasure will follow up
  • Co-promotes
  • Ask Cha to create outline/official mateel procedures for tix release schedule
  • Poster more
  • Release tix further ahead of time “office has conveyed that this does not really work for our community” we will try it

Finance Report:

  • P&L handed out
  • Audits cost us 10k per/each year completed/submitted
  • May 7th date deadline to submit audit for 2017 Registry status reinstated via attorney general
  • We have been addressing debt and payroll
  • Essential hours are increasing with production of SAMF
  • Wyclef Jean and Andre Nickatina did well for the Mateel via bar profits
  • Costs down approximately 66% from last year
  • Kelly Lincoln “what about” ponzi scheme tactics using sales to pay for last year. Dusty responded that we have decreased our SAMF budget by a lot which is allowing us to allocate money to repayment of debts to allow for the production of SAMF

Building Report:

  • To meet 1st Friday of each month at 5:30pm.
  • Stairs LED installed
  • Fridge breaker replace
  • Siding on office repaired
  • Bar closet
  • Oven door
  • Outlet at beer cooler

SAMF Report:

  • Talent: Orgone, Nkulee Dube
  • Lunar Stage and Kids Zone talent complete
  • Push hard for advance tix to help cover advance production costs
  • Available at office or via Eventbrite save money
  • Tabeling to sell tix?
  • Scott Kinder coordinate Mateel Juice Booth..Scott paid debt with Veritable Vegetable: 1.2k. Willing to coordinate booth as long as we repay/reimburse on Sunday at accounting trailer…he wants to keep meal going but is understanding of the Mateel’s financial desperation
  • Camping at Benbow campground will cost Mateel in advance. Dusty makes motion “to collect $5 dollars per person for camping,” instructing Alisha to test waters with coordinator collecting and Mateel collection day of. Eryn seconded. None opposed.
  • Amount of money to be allocated to volunteer food voucher looking for vendor to provide $8 dollar value and charge us $7. Aimed at non-profits specifically. Pleasure will create schedule for submittal for vendors payout accounting done daily
  • Is Redwood Rural still online for SAMF?
  • Alisha and Anne tasked with creating Operations plan document to detail meal tix exchange and procedure

ROTR Report:

  • HT CEO conversation went well today and looking to finalize all negotiations
  • People/membership want to see contract
  • Rick Cooper asks to retain ability to disassociate ourselves and bad decision made by HT: “limited partnership”
  • 5 year renewal on CUP is moving forward
  • Kelly: pond is dust abatement (was this a question from Kelly?)

Darryl Cherney Fundraising MOU:

  • Eryn and Amie met with Darryl, discussed arrangement re interaction with creditors. Eryn will liaison this communication.
  • Bruce and Megan are Darry’s point of contact and will help with Adopt a Debt
  • Debt was triaged to create list of most important.
  • Top 3 debts identified.

Dusty makes motion “to approve Darryl’s MOU with 2 amendments, #13 L2 to read “agreed to by board” and #16 B “No RO