Apr. 14th: Mateel Comedy Cabaret

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Where: Mateel Community Center – 59 Rusk Lane, Redway

When: Friday, April 14th. Doors open at 8:00pm. Show starts at 8:30pm.

Cost: $10 cover at the door.

Contact: Mateel Community Center. (707) 923-3368. office@mateel.org, Tony Persico. (707) 502-9656. av.persico@gmail.com

Event Description: Mateel Community Center presents their monthly Comedy Cabaret. The funniest comedians from both far and near come together each month to bring you the very best stand-up comedy in Humboldt County.

Who is Featured: April features Humboldt’s Favorite Live Stand-Up Comedy Game Show – Make Me Laugh!

Mateel April 2017

It is loosely based on the old 70’s TV show called Make Me Laugh. It is the most ludicrous show anywhere in the Western Hemisphere, and it’s catching on like wildfire!

The show is pretty simple. First spectacular improv jazz duo No Covers gives us a little class. Then we give our comedians a chance to show you how funny they are. Next, we bring volunteers from the audience on stage and give our comedians each 60 seconds to try to make each contestant laugh while they try not to. Those who hold out the longest get ridiculously fabulous prizes! (Well, they’re ridiculous.) It’s cut throat competition that nobody takes seriously at all.

Think you have what it takes to hold out? Want to watch other people try? Either way it’s a wildly funny night!

Comedian vs. contestant in a battle of wit and will! A ridiculous amount of fun! Bay Area favorites Jesse Hett and Gabby Poccia will battle for supremacy against returning champions Nando Molina and Josh Barnes. Hayley Katz and Tony Persico host.

Jesse Hett:

Bio – Jesse Hett is a human comedian based in Oakland, California by way of central Kansas. He has appeared on the front page of the Wall Street Journal doing comedy while wearing a virtual reality helmet. That sounds made up but it’s true, you can look it up. He has performed in SF Sketchfest and the Savage Henry Comedy Festival; is a regular at Rooster T. Feathers, the San Jose Improv, and the San Francisco and Sacramento Punch Lines. His style has been described as “observational absurdism” and one newspaper reviewer wrote that he “says very smart things in a very dumb way” which is kind of mean but print media is dying so Jesse Hett will have the last laugh.

Gabby Poccia:

Josh Barnes:

Nando Molina:

Tony Persico:

Bio – Tony Persico has been called, “an odd guy,” and, “decent,” by some of the most respected comedians on the West Coast. With an intense personality and sometimes dark perspective, Tony covers everything from religion and politics to the frustrations of driving and being attacked by a public toilet.