Alborosie & the Shengen Clan January 25th

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Mateel Community Center presents

Alborosie & the Shengen Clan

All Ages

doors 8pm

Alborosie & the Shengen Band headlined Reggae on the River 2015 with a scorching set of originals to close out the 31st edition of the iconic Humboldt County event. 

Alborosie produces his own material in his Shengen studio in Kingston, Jamaica where he relocated from Italy. Using traditional recording techniques, he has created timeless music with 7 albums and 11 dub, EP and reissue releases.  Staying true to reggae’s roots in Rastafari culture and resisstance, while adhering to the highest standards in Jamaican vintage ecording techniques, Alborosie notes the genesis of Reggae by stating, “At the end of the day, what’s changed about reggae music is why and how people play it,”he explains. “During the sixties and seventies, reggae music was coming from the Vietnam War, the hippies and ganja, as well as Marcus Garvey and Emperor Haile Selassie I. Black people were searching for their own spirituality and so reggae had a meaning, but everybody is jacket and tie now. It’s not like before, when reggae artists used to fight the system, but when you listen to this latest album, you will see that the revolution is still in there. I’m still on the same mission and I’m still sticking to the cause because I will never switch.”

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