Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager Hiring Announcement

Mateel Community Center is seeking a Marketing Manager, responsible for general marketing oversight of Mateel events and festivals, including Reggae On The River. We are looking for an experienced concert marketing professional, with excellent writing skills, computer/ web/ social media savvy, knowledge of current market trends/ opportunities, and an ability to work well with other members of our marketing team. Graphic design experience and knowledge of reggae music are a plus. This is a work from home position, with limited hours in the office. Pay is $17-19 per hour, based on experience, with a minimum 8 hours per week throughout the year and up to 40 hours in the summer festival season. Send resumes to MCC c/o Marketing Manager Hiring Committee, PO Box 1910, Redway, CA 95560 or via email to office@mateel.org with subject heading: Marketing Manager Hiring Committee. Resumes must be received by Thursday, February 24th to be eligible. A draft of the job description is available at www.mateel.org.

Mateel Marketing Manager- draft job description

This is a draft job description and final duties will be based on skills/ experience of the selected applicant.

The Mateel Marketing Manager is a part-time position, paid hourly. Hours are as required on an annual basis in accordance with the organizational budget. This position reports to the General Manager and requires only occasional office hours. Performance is to be reviewed annually.

The Mateel Marketing Manager is responsible for the following duties.

  • Oversee all marketing needs/ work related to marketing of MCC events/ festivals – including ROTR- and act as primary link between General Manager and other marketing departments
  • Handle all press and copy writing duties for MCC and festivals- including press releases, radio scripts, web text, text for email newsletters, festival program guides, etc
  • Organize and expand current media lists (including festival/ genre specific, local and regional media, etc), seek and develop new contacts, and oversee weekly press release emails (including photos and other relevant promotional materials)
  • Coordinate ad buys/ media trades and oversee publicity budgets for all MCC events and festivals
  • Expand online marketing platforms beyond those currently in use and identify innovative ways to reach and engage new audiences; assist online marketing coordinator to expand the sites/ calendars/ platforms we currently utilize/ post on
  • Work with webmaster, online marketing coordinator, street team coordinator, and ROTR press coordinator to feed information/ content, ensure timeliness/ accurateness of work, and to assist in maximizing their efforts/ keeping them focused/ and prioritization of tasks and goals
  • Help with creation of posters or solidification of poster artists and work with local and festival street team coordinators to ensure the thorough and timely distribution of posters, handbills, etc, plus assist with the creation/ scheduling of custom graphics for web and social media
  • Responsible for online ticketing set up- and expand use of automated marketing features offered by ticketing platform- including tracking sales, evaluating campaigns, and identifying effective markets/ strategies for individual MCC events and festivals with ultimate goal of expanding ticket sales and furthering event/ MCC profiles
  • Strengthen Mateel Community Center and Reggae On The River as unique brands- and develop branding potential of other popular, but lesser known MCC events and festivals (i.e. Summer Arts, Humboldt Hills Hoedown, SoHum Beer Fest & BBQ Smoke Off, etc)
  • Maintain a current list of pending and completed marketing tasks and report regularly to General Manager on task status and for overall guidance
  • Assist with any other duties related to Mateel marketing or deemed reasonable for the Mateel Marketing Manager