Be a Mateel Rainmaker

The Mateel Community Center, a 501c3 non-profit organization has fostered the arts in rural Northern California for approximately forty years. Serving as the cultural hub of the Southern Humboldt community, we provide arts, educational, and social service programs, and present a myriad of multicultural musical, theatrical, dance, comedy, film, craft, social justice and rental events- earning our non-profit organization international acclaim.

The Mateel Community Center is asking for your help. A gathering place for all community members to come and be themselves, recently we have found ourselves in financial trouble, and are now humbly turning to our supporters and community for help. We are completely funded by private donations and funds raised through events. We are asking you to give as generously as you can to ensure the continued survival of the Mateel Community Center. All funds raised through this crowdfunding campaign will go to operations – utilities, staff payroll, etc. Please help us preserve this local gem so that we can continue serving you.