July 2019

No Comments Board Meeting Minutes


Present were:  Megan-Dusty-D Dan-A Scribe-Pleasure-Bruce-Eryn-StevePrevious Public Meeting minutes 18 June read.  Dusty moves to accept, D Dan 2nd, U.

Bonnie Blackberry wants a town hall meeting 28 July at the Mateel regarding ACLU project. Dusty moves to waive rental fee, Bruce 2nd, U.  We’ll put out a dono jar to cover the janitor.  What about a bake sale for the youth program?

We agreed to tell Tiffane NO LITTLES in the Youth program– the school already has one for grammar school age, we’re not licensed for daycare. Nate wants no one younger than 8– all comers so far have been in the computer lab with him.  Dan says 10, Dusty says 8.  We tabled it.

BEAR  Extraction is looking for us to help promote them, 70/30.   Hang a banner?  Dusty moves to approve their offer, Steven 2nd, U.

Sean and Mac want to hold cannabis events at the Mateel.  We discuss ins & outs, profitability, liability &c.  Possible Humboldt Cup, make it a community gathering. Bruce considers it a great fit, & the matter was put off to a closed session.

Reggae Legacy has 6 sponsors says Tanya, heading for twice that, only half want/need booths.  Press release went out yesterday, Booths will be $50, tickets $40.

We’ll have vendors only at our summer & winter events.  Babette will handle the concessions booth and what it sells. We discussed onsite locations.

Two scanners have been ordered. We are giving the Wyclef show to Alyssa to handle.End of Public meeting, minutes from A to D Dan