Vending Opportunities

For more information, contact Ashley Wilma, vendor coordinator vendorinfo@mateel.org

Winter Arts Faire

We are pleased to celebrate the 42nd Annual Winter Arts Faire, and invite you to join us in celebration!

Faire site: Mateel Community Center - Redway, California

Faire dates: Saturday, December 8th - Sunday, December 9th

Faire hours: 10am - 6pm

Set-Up time: Friday, December 7th - 2pm to 9pm

Tear-down time: Sunday after the Faire, ends at 6pm

Applications: They must be received by October 15th 2018 and must be filled out and paid online (credit card).

However, if you cannot pay by credit card, you can send us a check or a money order. Your application will have a pending status until we receive and clear it. Please make it payable to the Mateel Community Center and send it to: Attn Vendor Coordinator, Mateel Community Center, PO Box 1910, Redway, Ca 95560. If your check is returned, we will charge a $30 fee.

Your payment will be processed immediately (check or credit card).


A complete online application includes:

  • payment of booth fees
  • your California resale or non-profit number
  • photos and description of your craft/booth. If you cannot upload your photos online, you can mail them. You will need to send a SASE of adequate size and postage to cover the return of your documents.

Acceptance: Please send photos that best represent the craft you sell, booth design and workshop. All crafts must be handmade by you and all items for sale must be represented in your submitted photos. Absolutely no imports or resale items will be accepted into the show. Many factors are taken into consideration, including originality, quality, location, booth presentation, history and more. The better you represent your work, the better chance you will be accepted. Acceptance in the past years does not guarantee your acceptance in 2018. In accordance with GAAP (general accepted accounting practices), booth fees will be deposited immediately. You will get a full refund if you are not accepted into the Faire.

Refunds: No refunds on cancellations after November 15, 2018. A $25 processing fee will be deducted from your fee. There will be no refunds after 11-15-18.

Booth sizes: The Winter Arts Faire is an indoor show. We offer a variety of booth sizes. The hall is a uniquely shaped space, consequently some spaces require flexibility and creativity in set-up. Vendors might not get the booth size they requested in their application.

Electricity: Keep in mind that each vendor is allowed a maximum of 300 watts, no exceptions. Please bring your own extension cords and power strips.

Raffle: Each year, we ask vendors to donate an item of their choice with an approximate value of $25. Over the course of the weekend, a staff member will pick up your donation.

Wristbands: Each vendor receives 2 wristbands at vendor check-in during set-up on Friday.

If you have any further questions please contact the Vendor Coordinator at vendorinfo@mateel.org

The Mateel hopes you’ll join us in making this Faire a success!

Summer Arts And Music Festival

Festival Location: Benbow Lake State Park (2 miles south of Garberville)

Festival Dates: Saturday, June 1st & Sunday, June 2nd

Set up: Friday, May 31st 12pm- 8pm.

Festival Hours: Saturday 9:30 am-10pm and Sunday 9:30am-10pm

Application Deadline:  

Deadline extended for Summer Arts and Music Festival vendor booths.

We have space for more craft booths and food vendors, but we are asking that food vendors with food trucks submit vendor applications as the space available for trailers that are used with food booths is very limited.

All items for sale must be hand crafted by the vendor,

NO IMPORTS OR RESALE ITEMS will be accepted.


Postal Mailing: print the application, fill it out. Send it and your photos, with a check/money order and SAEA to:

Mateel Community Center Attn. SAMF vendor coordinator 59 Rusk Ln, Redway, Ca 95560.

Online: visit mateel.org and submit your form under the vending opportunities drop down menu.

If you need a temporary seller’s permit, you need to call the State Board of Equalization at 707-576-2100 or call your local office.


Payment of the fees does not guarantee your acceptance into the event. In the case that you did not jury into the festival, your booth fee will be refunded.  


If you are a food vendor, 1 parking spot is included in booth fee. In venue parking is available first come first serve, need to purchase it when you apply.

 The parking spaces are only suitable for vehicles of a maximum length of 20’.

 Parking is limited you can only purchase one parking space

Download Vendor Application here