Mateel Community Center Caretaker and Rental

The Mateel Community Center is seeking a hall and grounds caretaker position.

The position pays $14 per hour and is part time.

Job duties include but are not limited to, technical support for hall rentals and shows, upkeep of the property surrounding the community center and inside the hall, minor repairs in hall and property and various other tasks, including weekly runs to the recycling center using the hall pick up.

For a complete job description and employment application you can send an email to pc@mateel.org or stop in at the Mateel office 59 Rusk Lane, Redway, CA.

The Mateel Community Center is also offering a small rental unit behind the hall for $850 per month, basic utilities included.

The Mateel does prefer that the caretaker, if possible, also rent and live in the unit

If interested, please stop by the Mateel Office at 59 Rusk Lane, Redway and pick up a rental application.

Mateel office hours are Tuesday thru Friday 11am-4pm.