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Soul Flow

March 25th: Soul Flow

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What: SOUL FLOW with very special guest JENÖ (Wicked SF)
When: Friday, March 25th 2016/Door Time 9pm
Where: Mateel Community Center
Tickets: Tickets at the door $15 / All ages

Marjo Lak (Fraktal/Butter Music/Deep Groove Society)

Mr. 415 (Deep Groove Society)

TIGRE & Copperton3

Visuals by Pineapsys

Fine libations provided by KMUD

Fueled by an enigmatic mystique, Jenö has remained one of San Francisco’s most beloved and sought after DJs for over two decades.…

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Compliance Workshop

March 13th: Cannabis Farmer’s Workshop Series

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What: A workshop designed to provide resources for regional farmers to come into compliance with state, regional and local laws!
When: Sunday, March 13th, 2016 / 11am to 4:30pm
Where: Mateel Community Center
Tickets: A Free Event

The Cannabis Farmer’s Workshop Series

Learn how to Grow Green and Grow Legal at the Cannabis Farmers Workshop brought to you by EPIC, Mad River Alliance, Humboldt Green and California Growers Association.…

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